Track Of The Day: Serena Isioma – ‘Stop Calling The Police On Me’

A hazy, genre-bending tune that gently demands the right to freely express yourself without persecution, Chicago-based musician Serena Isioma has shared their latest single ‘Stop Calling The Police On Me’. Taken from their upcoming EP The Leo Sun Sets, the track is an intoxicating blend of Isioma’s dreamy vocals, defiant lyrics and sultry R&B inspired beats.

“‘Stop Calling The Police On Me’ is about searching for peace outside of the society that doesn’t understand you,” Isioma explains about the single. “There was a heavy police presence in my household growing up. It was very toxic. Eventually, I stopped coming home altogether. I was much happier hanging out with my friends.” Isioma, a first generation Nigerian-American, neutralizes these hostile memories via ambient guitars and honeyed vocals.

Isiomia delivers candid lyrics with a swift grace, making the repeated line “Stop calling the police on me / this is not the help I need” all the more affecting. “With a life like this I’ve got so much to prove” Isioma sings, but with their effortless vocals and genre-blending sound, it seems Isioma has already proved their talent for writing intensely memorable and emotive tunes.

Listen to ‘Stop Calling The Police On Me’ below.

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Kate Crudgington