EP: Gravey – ‘Who’s Yer Daddy?’

South London band Gravey’s debut EP Who’s Yer Daddy, is all gravy, baby. I know that sounds cheap, but I had to and it is. This is a band that know their way around how a song should be, with tight bass openings and gravelled vocals that puts all forebears to shame.

Delicious guitar licks put an extra finesse on three tracks that may very well be one of indie London’s sounds of the future. As broad a spectrum as that is, Gravey slides (un)comfortably into the category of the impossible to define. The vocals roar, the guitar soars, and the layers of music meld as they should.

Each listen is better than the last, and band members Soraya Fernandez, Nick White, Sian Bride and Andrea Adriano have done wonders turning their self-proclaimed slutpunk into punk rock with soul. Adriano and White are also responsible for the incredibly neat production.

Every track on the EP has a different message, with the lyrical standout Community Health taking on the mental health crisis with the ever-true statement: “It’s another class war.” On the other hand, ‘Enlighten Me’ is an intergalactic love song (isn’t love intergalactic in and of itself?) and opening banger ‘Self Esteem’ is about loving yourself.

I’m still working on that personally, but what I can say for sure is I love this EP. The esteem can come later, hopefully dripping with that smooth marriage of wah-wah whammy guitar, bass, drums, and steaming hot vocals like that of Gravey… Baby.


Who’s Yer Daddy is out now. Stream it on Spotify and buy on Bandcamp.

Em Burfitt

Get In Her Ears Live @ The Finsbury w/ Ghum, 09.03.18

Following a host of super amazing bands playing for us over the last year – including LIINES, Witch Fever, The Magnettes, H.Grimace, REWS, Trash Kit and Deux Furieuses – we were back at The Finsbury on Friday night for another jam-packed night of the best new music.

Kicking off the night was our special secret opener, Indian Queens, treating our ears to their totally dreamy sounds.

Next up, London collective Best Praxis draw us in with their immense passion.

Penultimate band of the night, Gravey, blow us all away with their unique seething power and punk-driven energy.

Finally, headliners Ghum end the night by captivating the packed-out venue with the sweeping splendour of their atmospheric dark pop.

HUGE thanks to the four fantastic bands who made Friday night so awesome, and to everyone who made it down to help us celebrate International Women’s Day!  Join us next month on 13th April when GIHE faves Dream Nails will be headlining, along with The Franklys, Madame So and Gold Baby.


Photo Credit: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto