NEW TRACK: Lunch Machine – ‘Pipedream Graveyard’

Making the most of a cynical and uneasy feeling, Belfast-based alt rockers Lunch Machine provide a cathartic exhale on their latest single ‘Pipedream Graveyard’. Marking their first piece of new music in five years, the track is a grunge-infused take on the futility of planning for the future whilst the planet is slowly collapsing around us.

Formed in Donegal back in 2017, Lunch Machine’s current lineup consists of Jude Barriscale (vocals and guitar), Pearse Owens (guitar), Robert Mulhern (bass and recording engineer) and Kieran Devlin (drums). Together, they create music that’s inspired by the lyrical wit of Courtney Barnett, the post-psych experimentation of King Gizz and the “good craic” goofiness of Ween. During the pandemic, the band lived together and jammed regularly, writing a new batch of music, performing occasional gigs and recording their upcoming material.

On ‘Pipedream Graveyard’, the four-piece blend the melodic angst of 90s grunge-pop with Barriscale’s bittersweet vocals to push past feelings of apathy. “Our generation and the ones that come after us seem doomed to sequester any dreams of a bright future,” she comments on the track. “It is exhausting knowing your road in life will end up surrounded in climate collapse, crumbling infrastructure, and regressive political ideals. Or, are we already there?” Despite this despair, Lunch Machine have created a hazy guitar tune that provides momentary relief from this reality.

The single is also accompanied by a video, shot by by Leeann Toland, which you can watch below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Zilched – ‘The Knife’

A murky grunge-pop tune exploring the unexpected emotions that continue to interrupt us after a breakup, Detroit-based musician Zilched has shared her latest single ‘The Knife’. Taken from her debut album DOOMPOP, released in 2020 via Young Heavy Souls, the track smoulders with a feeling of unrest, ushered along by reverb-heavy guitars and Zilched’s sweet yet sullen vocals.

“‘The Knife’ is about love/hate,” Zilched aka Chloë Drallos explains. Working through the simultaneous disbelief and genuine upset that follows heartbreak, Drallos’ new single fizzes was palatable yearning, reflected in the track’s accompanying self-directed video. “I wanted the video, with dancing improvised by Morgan McCaul, to visualize an inner monologue where those different emotional powers start to take over and ultimately lead to release of that power,” Drallos explains.

Inspired by 90s guitar icons like Nirvana and The Jesus and Mary Chain, Drallos channelled her influences into a collection of compelling noise-pop tracks on debut record DOOMPOP. “It’s an honest reflection of my attempts to grow up and make sense of absurdity,” she explains about the album. “I wrote the first song in my last month of high school at 18, and finished recording & producing just a month after my 20th birthday. With these songs, I wanted to go as deep into my insecurities and confusion, however immature I felt. Just write what I felt when I felt it in order to move on.”

Fuelled by her desire to move on from a difficult time, ‘The Knife’ is a cathartic slice of grunge-pop that gracefully faces up to the gritted teeth and flowing tears at the end of an intimate relationship.

Watch the self-directed video for ‘The Knife’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Gold Baby – ‘Dogbone’

Following the success of latest single ‘Philadelphia’, and having recently charmed us once again with their spellbinding live set at The Finsbury, London based Gold Baby – now consisting of Siân, Scott and Sara – are back with their first offering of 2020.

A heartfelt meditation on what it means to care, ‘Dogbone’ oozes a shimmering musicality and quirky charisma as Siân’s raw, confessional lyricism flows, showcasing the impressive range of her luscious, crystalline vocals. Building to an emotion strewn grunge-pop anthem, it’s a dreamy, yet refreshingly gritty, lamentation on life’s anxieties.

Watch the live video for ‘Dogbone’ here:

Or listen on Spotify now.

‘Dogbone’ is out now. Catch Gold Baby live at the single launch at The Waiting Room on 17th February.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Keira-Anee Photography