LISTEN: Polly Money – ‘Roommate’

A sweeping, endearingly catchy ballad about falling head over heels in love; Polly Money‘s latest single ‘Roommate’ will make you go weak at the knees. Her lush vocals and hazy guitar sounds form the perfect backdrop for daydreaming about the one you love.

Polly explains the premise of the track further: “This song is the undeniable need to spend all of your hours lost in the person you love. Their place or yours it doesn’t matter as long as you are waking up next to them. It’s the surprise late night turn ups, it’s the falling head over and it’s wanting to build a home together. This song is for the hopeless romantics.”

Polly’s talent for turning universal feelings into shimmering guitar tunes has seen her support the likes of Muse and Gabrielle Aplin, as well as collaborating with new artists Denai Moore and Laurel. ‘Roommate’ is the aural equivalent of the lover’s body warmth she delights in singing about, and you can hear the track in all its live glory at Polly’s gig at Colours on 30th January (event info & tickets here).

Listen to ‘Roommate’ below, and follow Polly Money on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington