Track Of The Day: Harlea – ’99’

Harlea’s ’99’ recalls the visceral thrill of first hearing Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die album. The song conveys a similar all encompassing, cinematic feel even as it avoids straying into full “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” territory.

Given the Americana on display here, the name Harlea feels like no accident for this Birmingham born, LA based pop star. Even if her performing name isn’t a nod to the Harley Davidson or to Marlon Brando and classic Hollywood films like The Wild One, it still feels an apt choice of moniker for the all encompassing muscular pop melodrama soundscapes she is creating.

Halsey seemed to pick up the Born To Die baton for a bit but, judging from ’99′, she’s passed it on to Harlea. From the sound of it, the new star is more than ready to take on the next stretch of this pop race.


’99’ is out now.

Cazz Blase

Introducing Interview: Harlea

Having received support from the likes of NME, Clash and BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart, Harlea is proving herself to be one of the most exciting new artists of the year. Now, following the success of acclaimed singles ‘Miss Me’ and ‘You Don’t Get It’, she’s back with highly addictive, powerfully soul-filled latest offering ‘Beautiful Mess’.

We caught up with Harlea to find out more…

Hi Harlea, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about how you initially started creating music?
I worked with some producers out in Santa Monica a couple of years back and together we accomplished what I tried for a year to do, and that was make music that represented who I am as an artist.

Your new single ‘Beautiful Mess’ is out now – can you tell us what it’s all about?
So I was played the demo to this track and I just loved the funky beat. I knew to make it my own we had to work on the production of it, but I loved the strength it gives off. It’s about a real strong woman who is completely in control.


You’ve been compared to the likes of Lorde and Alanis Morrissette, but who would you say are your main musical influences?
Well I can’t complain at that, they are both incredible and I would certainly add them to the list! I have also always looked up to the likes of Stevie Nicks and Blondie, they crushed it! 

How is your local music scene? Do you go to see lots of live music?
Not as much as I would like. I live between LA and London and get more of a chance to see live music when I am in LA. A couple years back I saw Imagine Dragons at an intimate gig at the Troubadour. It was amazing!

And what can fans expect from your live shows?
Lots of noise! And plenty of fun!

How do you feel the music industry is for new artists at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
It certainly isn’t easy! Especially when you are competing with the big labels and artists, but there are people out there who are hungry for newness.

Finally, what does the rest of 2018 have in store for Harlea?
I’m going to keep grinding, do some shows, hopefully get another single out!

‘Beautiful Mess’, the new single from Harlea, is out now via Roxy Princess Records.