Video Premiere: Rookes – ‘The Heel Of My Hand’

Feast your eyes on the sharp new visuals from Rookes for thier latest single ‘The Heel Of My Hand’. The song is about losing the first woman she ever loved, which she describes as a “catalytic experience”. The shoot itself was completed in 12 hours at a studio in Dalston, with a cast and crew of just six people.

“I had to adapt to a lot of change very quickly, as well as attempt to process my sexuality – which I had been avoiding for a long time in strange and elaborate ways,” explains Rookes. “We made a story thread with my playing instruments a priority too. This is very significant to me, as I play all my live shows solo with multiple instruments, and I think it’s really important for girls and young women to see that”.

We admire Rookes’ insight and energy, both of which are clearly displayed in the video for ‘Heel Of My Hand’. She’s committed to changing perceptions about women in music too: “There is a stereotype out there that most women in the music industry are usually vocalists or backing vocalists, and it needs to die. The only way that’s going to happen is when people see more women doing other things on stage than just singing”.

Watch her new video below and follow Rookes on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington