WATCH: CMAT – ‘Peter Bogdanovich’

Flowing with her trademark wit, melancholy-tinged vocals and informed by her fascinating yet niche personal interests, Irish pop sensation CMAT has shared a new video for her latest single ‘Peter Bogdanovich’. Taken from her superb debut album, If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, the track is a playful homage to the work & romantic life of the acclaimed American director, accompanied by a cinematic, monochrome video featuring CMAT in drag as the eponymous talent.

“I wrote the song ‘Peter Bogdanovich’ after listening to a podcast about the making of the film The Last Picture Show,” CMAT explains. “To cut a long story short, Peter ran away and left his wife for yungwan (the lead actress in the film, Cybill Shepherd). I was taken by this particular story because I love his early films, and I loved finding out that his wife, Polly Platt, was the player who was actually responsible for what I love most about his films. I was really interested in everyone’s motivations – Peter for acting so selfishly, Cybill for throwing a bomb on a marriage and her work, and most of all Polly, for staying to work on the film even after the affair came out. I think it is a great allegory for the role that the construct of gender plays in all of our decisions, and how if gender and sexuality wasn’t really seen as such a rigid ‘thing’, our lives would be very different.”

Commenting on working alongside the video’s director Jake Passmore, CMAT continues: “I approached Jake with the idea of doing a video where I was in Boy Drag because a) it worked with the theme of the song b) I thought it would be really fun. Himself and Sam Brautigan, who co-directed, then came up with a brilliant abstract treatment around me playing Peter Bogdanovich that involved choreography, Orson Welles and a puppet. What more could I possibly want?”

Living her best life and sharing her unique perspective on love and pop culture loop holes is what makes CMAT such a joyful and charismatic performer. Catch her live on the dates listed below.

Watch the video for ‘Peter Bogdanovich’ below.


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CMAT Live Dates 2022

June 18th | Westmeath, IE – Body & Soul Festival
June 23rd | Halifax, UK – The Piece Hall –
June 24th | Margate, UK – Leisure Festival
July 2nd | Copenhagen, DK – Roskilde Festival
July 3rd | Dublin, IE – Trinity College ^
July 7th | Montreux, CH – Montreux Jazz Festival
July 9th | Glasgow, UK – TRNSMT Festival
July 24th | Hertfordshire, UK – Standon Calling Festival
July 30th | Leeds, UK – Deer Shed Festival
July 31st | County Waterford, IE – All Together Now Festival
Aug 12th | Oslo, NO – Oya Festival
Aug 14th | Winterthur, CH – Winterthurer
Sep 4th | Stradbally, IE – Electric Picnic Festival
Sept 29th | Los Angeles, CA – Cafe Du Nord*
Sept 30th | Los Angeles, CA – The Moroccan*
Oct 1st | Dana Point, CA – Ohana Festival*
Oct 3rd | Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle*
Oct 4th | Toronto, ON – Monarch Tavern*
Oct 6th | New York, NY – Mercury Lounge*
Nov 13th | Rotterdam, NL – Rotown*
Nov 15th | Stockholm, SE – Bar Brooklyn*
Nov 16th | Copenhagen, DK – Ideal Bar*
Nov 17th | Berlin, DE – Marie Antoinette*
Nov 21st | Amsterdam, NL – Melkweg Upstairs*
Nov 22nd | Brussels, BE – Witloof Bar*
Nov 25th | Manchester, UK – Gorilla
Nov 26th | Oxford, UK – O2 Academy 2
Nov 27th | Bristol, UK – Thekla
Nov 28th | Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms
Nov 30th | London, UK – Islington Assembly Hall
Dec 1st | Brighton, UK – Komedia
Dec 2nd | Norwich, UK – Norwich Arts Centre
Dec 4th | Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
Dec 5th | Glasgow, UK – Oran Mor
Dec 7th | Belfast, UK – Limelight 1
Dec 9th | Dublin, IE – Olympia Theatre SOLD OUT
Dec 10th | Cork, IE – Live at St. Luke’s SOLD OUT

* = On sale Friday, June 17th at 10am
– = w/ First Aid Kit
^ = w/ Beck

Photo Credit: Sarah Doyle

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: CMAT – ‘Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)’

A relatable, country-tinged tune about pushing yourself to unexpected limits to be the life and soul of the party, Irish pop sensation CMAT has shared her latest single ‘Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)’. Taken from her upcoming album If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, which is set for release through AWAL Recordings on 4th March, the track brims with CMAT’s trademark witty lyrics, melancholic vocals and catchy choruses.

“This is a song about being defiantly chaotic, because being that, an agent of chaos, is something quite defiant for a girl to do,” CMAT explains about her new single. “It almost didn’t make the album. But then I managed to shoehorn in a line about the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) and I felt happy it was representative of my drinking habits.” All jesting aside, ‘Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)’ is further proof of CMAT’s talents for taking relatable situations and transforming them into chant-worthy, playful pop anthems.

Speaking about her debut album If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, CMAT describes her sound as all the former versions of herself “Play-Doh-balled into one big lump.” Fuelled by her passion for writing striking and honest pop songs, the record features previous her singles ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’, ‘No More Virgos’, ‘Lonely’ and the iconic ‘I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby!’ and looks set to be one of our favourite albums of 2022.

Listen to ‘Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)’ below.

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CMAT UK & Ireland Tour Dates 2022

Mar 03: Rough Trade East, London
Mar 04: Rough Trade West, London
Mar 04: Banquet Records, Kingston
Mar 05: Lucky’s, Dublin
Mar 08: Connolly’s, Leap
Mar 09: Golden Discs, Cork
Mar 09: Cyprus Avenue, Cork
Mar 10: Steamboat, Limerick
Mar 10: Dolan’s, Limerick (sold out)
Mar 11: The Academy, Dublin (sold out)
Mar 12: Limelight 2, Belfast
Mar 31: King Tut’s, Glasgow
Apr 01: Cluny 2, Newcastle
Apr 02: Deaf Institute, Manchester
Apr 04: Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
Apr 05: Hare and Hounds 2, Birmingham
Apr 06: Louisiana, Bristol (sold out)
Apr 08: Omeara, London (sold out)
Apr 09: Colours, London (sold out)
Apr 10: Hope and Ruin, Brighton (sold out)

Photo Credit: Sarah Doyle

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: CMAT – ‘Lonely’

Flowing with her trademark camp melancholy, Irish pop sensation CMAT‘s latest single ‘Lonely’ is a relatable lament about isolation and disconnection. Taken from her upcoming album If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, which is set for release through AWAL Recordings on 4th March, the track is a playful but poignant wish for company, delivered via CMAT’s witty lyrics and charming, country-tinged vocals.

“I started writing the song ‘Lonely’ in the Arndale food hall in Manchester when I was on my break from work,” CMAT explain about the track. “Anyone who has been there will know that it is as aesthetically unpleasant as it is bustling, at all hours of the day. There was something that always drew me to it though – people. I was very isolated during this period of my life and longed for a day when I could be sitting at a table of friends that I did not have. Instead, I found myself regularly sitting alone and watching strange families and friend groups, peering out from underneath a Taco Bell crunch wrap, for a false sense of comfort.

“It took me years to finish this song because I couldn’t figure out the point of it. Then the pandemic happened, and suddenly I realised that everybody was in the boat that I had been long accustomed to (my sea legs are beefy in this regard). I realised that the point of isolation is maybe to learn to cherish people more, and to not be so scared of them, or scared of how you are perceived by them. Ultimately though, I wrote this song to try and get Robbie Williams to notice me.”

Whether or not the ‘Rock DJ’ singer notices CMAT remains to be seen, but her heartfelt release is accompanied by another eye-catching video, shot and produced by Tiny Ark. The visuals show CMAT rollerskating her way through her emotions, proving once again she’s a multi-talented, musical prophet who effortlessly blends the silly and the sensitive sides of life together in her tunes.

Watch the video for ‘Lonely’ below.


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Photo Credit: Sarah Doyle

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: CMAT – ‘No More Virgos’

A disco-tinged lament to the “little September boys” who make her melancholy, Irish pop sensation CMAT has shared her latest single ‘No More Virgos’. Taken from her debut album If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, which is set for release via AWAL Recordings on 25th February 2022, the track is brimming with CMAT’s trademark wit and yearning, country-inspired vocals, brilliantly showcasing her gift for intuitive songwriting.

Born from her desire to “marry her love of 80’s Italo disco with her hatred of Virgos,” CMAT’s playful new tune is a wry nod to her compulsive romantic decisions. “My mental health is banking on my chastity / and you’re bad for me” she jests over buoyant melodies, gently resisting the urge to circle back and repeat the same pattern of behaviour in her previous relationships.

“I’m the kind of girl who dates the same person over and over again. Specifically, every single one of my partners have been Virgos,” CMAT aka Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson explains. “I wanted to write a song that pokes fun at this aspect of my personality, and try to be a voice for all of my long-suffering friends. I just can’t help myself from making terrible decisions sometimes! Sorry!”

CMAT is set to play two sold out dates at The Troubadour in London on the 9th & 10th November and we can’t wait to hear her sparkling pop sounds, witty lyrics and lush vocals live.

Listen to ‘No More Virgos’ below.

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Photo Credit: Sarah Doyle

Kate Crudgington