LISTEN: Sans Soucis – ‘I’m On’

An uplifting blend of lush vocals, warm synth textures and smooth beats that radiate with a new found artistic confidence, songwriter & producer Sans Soucis has shared her latest single ‘I’m On’. Released via AWAL in collaboration with The Young Guns Network and co-produced by Cid Rim, the track is a genre-bending reflection on the artist’s own experiences of recovering from an extended period of depression, finding joy and freedom when she was able to re-connect with herself.

“When I wrote this song, I wanted to express the fact that I am honestly ‘on’, like how people turn on a TV. I am awake,” Sans Soucis explains. “I’m ready to experience the world and enjoy my career path. A big part of my depression was that I felt less able to enjoy music, but after healing, I finally feel alive. My artist name is a nickname given by my Congolese family meaning ‘care-free’. The irony is that, for a time, I was making music as Sans Soucis, but I wasn’t really feeling like Sans Soucis. Now I am, and this song came to me in a flash; I needed to sing my heart out and put together all these harmonies, to express the joyousness and happiness I was feeling.”

Through her considered lyrics, exquisite vocal layering and tentative beats, Sans Soucis beautifully captures the relief of coming back to yourself after an inexplicably difficult mental health struggle. She hopes that her new offering will inspire others to reach a similar level of peace. “The biggest lyrical takeaway from this song is ‘Stop everything and set yourself free, I’m telling you just follow what you need’,” she continues. “I feel like joy and creativity should be recycled, and I want to inspire others to feel creative in life, whatever that means for them.”

Sans Soucis will be releasing her new 6-track EP, On Time For Her, later this year and has a London showcase performance penned for September.

Watch the video for ‘I’m On’ below.

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Kate Crudgington