Track Preview: Chuck SJ – ‘Sink Your Teeth In’

Taken from their upcoming debut album Resist.Recharge.Revolt, set for release in 2021, DIY musician & multi-instrumentalist Chuck SJ has shared a preview of their new single ‘Sink Your Teeth In’. Full of atmospheric guitar riffs, sparse beats and glitchy electronics, the track is an industrial-tinged rumination on the forces that construct, influence and sometimes dismantle our ways of thinking.

Written whilst isolating in a cabin in the woods earlier this year, Chuck taught themselves how to use Logic Pro X and an AKAI MPK mini synth in order to create Resist.Recharge.Revolt. ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ is one of several tracks that show how Chuck’s reliance on solitude and their own musical intuition has given them the space to craft an intriguing exploration of “intimacy, dissociation and the way in which this dystopian digital era manipulates the psyche.”

You can listen to a snippet of ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ below, but make sure you’re following Chuck SJ on Spotify so you can hear the full track when it’s released next week…


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Artwork: Lisa Rose

Kate Crudgington

Get In Her Ears talks #TransAwarenessWeek 14.11.19

Kate was back in the studio this week playing loads of new music from the likes of PINS, The Dolly Shakes, Chartreuse, Despicable Zee, Big Joanie, Alessi’s Ark & HAVVK.

To highlight #TransAwarenessWeek, Kate & the GIHE grrrls also chose tracks from some of their fave trans artists, including Planningtorock, Queen Zee, Shea Diamond, ANOHNI & Jackie Shane.

If you identify as trans and are seeking advice or support, you can contact the UK-based charity Switchboard LGBT+ on their helpline: 0300 330 0630

Listen back:

Queen Zee – Boy
Le Butcherettes – Tunisia
Noga Erez – Off The Radar
The Dolly Shakes – Deep Fat Fryer
Planningtorock – Transome
The Mysterines – Who’s Ur Girl?
Lucia And The Best Boys – Good Girls Do Bad Things
Big Joanie – Fall Asleep
Alessi’s Ark – Born Free
Shea Diamond – I Am Her
Chromatics – Move A Mountain
PINS – Ponytail (Orielles remix)
HAVVK – Operate
Gazelle Twin – Glory
CN Lester – Heroes (David Bowie cover)
Chartreuse – Woman, I’m Crazy
Siv Disa – Moths
Anohni – 4 Degrees
Argonaut – Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Piss Kitti – Girls In i-D
Captain Handsome – I Wish I Had A Dog
Despicable Zee – Counting Cars
Lucy Barton – Roadrunner
Salsola – Cass
JAAYNS – Natural Born Enemies
Mariuk – The Sword
CRISP&CLASSY – Suffocate
Weekend Recovery – Going Nowhere
LibraLibra – Tongues
ILL – Kick Him Out The Disco
The Joy Formidable – Austere
Jackie Shane – Any Other Way

Get In Her Ears w/ I See Rivers 29.08.19

Tash & Kate were back in the studio this week with the best new music, with highlights from LIA, Palm Haze, Chartreuse and Sandunes.

They were also joined by the lovely I SEE RIVERS who talked about their debut album (set for release next year) and a lesson in Norwegian linguistics!

Listen back:


Tracy Chapman – Talking About A Revelation
Martha Hill – Pick Me Up
Lucy Dacus – Half Mast
SHHE – Saint Cyrus
Peaches – Boys Wanna Be Her
Sandunes – Eleven Eleven (feat. Landslands)
Jaguar Jonze – Beijing Baby
Emily Breeze – ‘Work’
Natalie McCool – Someone Nue
LEGGY – Not What You Need
LOCKS – In The City
BONES UK – I’m Afraid Of Americans
Keren Ilan – Take Her Down
I See Rivers – HELIOS
I See Rivers – Collide
Konradsen – Baby Hallelujah
LIA – To The Woods
Stainwasher – Drying
Chartreuse – Three Days
Palm Haze – Second Round
Dearly Beloved – Race To The Bottom
TWEN – Damsel
Swimsuit Competition – Never Gonna Leave You
HUSK – Feeling Heat
Joey Slater – Hunger
LIZZO – Juice

LISTEN: RUEN – ‘Bad Behaviour’

A brooding pop-rock gems,  Margate based producer-turned-artist Ruen has shared her debut single ‘Bad Behaviour’. The track is a slow-burning mix of sultry vocals and atmospheric guitars, which she penned after helping a friend out of a toxic relationship.

Ruen started her career behind the scenes helping other artists bring their visions to life. Working with the likes of Laura Marling, Bryde, Kimberly Anne, DIDI and Emma McGrath, she’s now decided to channel her production and engineering skills into her own music.

“The song was inspired by being close to someone in an abusive relationship,” explains Ruen about her new single. “Witnessing the negative cycle of going back again and again, after being repeatedly hurt. It’s as if they were becoming addicted to the abusers bad behaviour.”

Listen to ‘Bad Behaviour’ below and catch Ruen live at The Finsbury on July 3rd.

Follow Ruen on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington