Track Of The Day: SPIDER – ‘I’m Fine, I’m Good, I’m Perfect!’

A brooding, dark-pop tune that reflects on the grey area between feeling emotionally overwhelmed and totally apathetic, London-based, Irish born musician & producer SPIDER has shared her latest single ‘I’m Fine, I’m Good, I’m Perfect!’ Full of heady guitar distortion and raw, relatable lyrics, the track playfully embraces and dismisses life’s darker moments with its catchy chorus and smooth vocals.

Born and raised in Dublin, twenty-one year old SPIDER harnesses the strong feminine energy of the arachnid she’s named after as a totemic symbol through which she can explore her own emotional resilience. She struggled growing up as a young Nigerian girl in a predominately white country, but creating music provided her with an outlet for her most unfiltered thoughts. Now, with new single ‘I’m Fine, I’m Good, I’m Perfect!’ she continues this narrative of breaking down personal barriers to share her truth, and she does so with witty, provocative flair.

Following on from her debut single ‘Water Sign‘, SPIDER’s latest offering was created whilst she was quarantining in her South London flat during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by songwriters like Lorde, Conan Gray and Taylor Swift, SPIDER spins her own cohesive musical webs to catch her listeners off guard, distracting them with poppy melodies as she unravels her innermost thoughts.

Listen to ‘I’m Fine, I’m Good, I’m Perfect!’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: of all living things – ‘If I Go’

A brooding, atmospheric guitar tune that shimmers with melancholic yearning, Dublin four piece of all living things have shared their latest single ‘If I Go’. Taken from their upcoming EP On Familiar Ground, which is set for release on 8th October via Irish label Any Other City records (Villagers, Girl Band), the track is a slow-burning offering that enraptures the ears with its soft vocals, lush guitar sounds and bittersweet lyrics.

Formerly known as Nicetry, of all living things create music that’s inspired by the nostalgia of the 90s alternative scene and their own heady reflections on a misspent youth. Together, the band craft delicate yet immersive soundscapes that chime with raw emotion, and latest single ‘If I Go’ fully showcases these talents. Tentative cymbal taps and lilting guitar textures melt together throughout the track, with an ethereal vocal floating effortlessly above them.

The band recorded their upcoming EP On Familiar Ground with producer Ber Quinn in Dublin’s Sonic Studios and the record is available to pre-order on limited edition 12” vinyl now.

Listen to ‘If I Go’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

ALBUM: Fears – ‘Oíche’

An intuitive artist who has transformed her darkest moments into graceful electronic soundscapes, Fears aka Constance Keane has shared her debut album Oíche. Released via her own label TULLE, the Irish-born, London-based musician balances her intense ruminations on trauma alongside delicate synth loops and tentative beats to shine a light on a personal metamorphosis.

Much like the coarse fabric she used to create her altruistic dress on the album’s artwork, Fears allows her lived experiences take up space and permeate this record, which swells with unflinching honesty and elegance. Oíche, meaning “night”, is a graceful collection of shadowy lullabies that spans five years of emotional territory for Fears, and the result is a truly immersive and enlightening body of work.

Since it was written & recorded in the music room of the hospital she was once an inpatient in, opener ‘h_always’ has remained untouched. “I’m black and blue / on the inside too” she softly repeats, juxtaposing her emotions alongside ward paraphernalia and atmospheric guitar lines, capturing a mindset that is revisited, dismantled and rebuilt over the course of Oíche.

She taps into the fluctuating nature of her mental health with magnetic synths and soft percussion on tracks like ‘bones’, ‘daze’, ‘vines’ and ‘Blood’, each embellished with vocals that ache with gentle sincerity. Her cyclical, buoyant synth loops mirror intrusive or recurring thought patterns, whilst her lyrics capture the mental push-and-pull of processing, accepting and learning to let things go. This is epitomised on ‘Fabric,’ which resonates deeper each time it’s listened to.

Her moving account of gripping her knees tightly while confessing “I’m so sorry for the mess I a made” on ‘dents’ is deeply affecting and marks a change in the record’s tone. The instantly mood-lifting ‘Brighid’ – a home-recording of Fears’ sister and late Grandmother in casual conversation – invites listeners to share in an intimate family moment. It beautifully precedes ‘tonnta’, where Fears weaves memories of her Grandmother into her lyrics, crafting a fitting tribute to the person who originally taught her how to sew.

The resilience of her familial relationships are acknowledged on the album’s poignant closing track ‘two_’. Whilst it centres around Fears’ own experiences of self-harm, the repeated sentiment “If not for my family / I’d never have healed” is deeply moving. It’s this unwavering love and support – whether from others, or mined from deep within herself – that’s helped to shape Oíche and why it’s such a cathartic, cohesive collection of songs.

It is a privilege to listen to this considered, intensely personal record.


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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Clara Byrne – ‘To Rome’

A soft, nostalgic tribute to her hometown of Bray in County Wicklow, Irish musician Clara Byrne has shared her latest single ‘To Rome’. The second single from her upcoming album Handstitched, the track reflects on Clara’s trip to the ancient city and documents the thoughts she had about her hometown whilst wandering amongst its famous ruins.

“Bray, this seaside town has been there to meet me at all the different stages of my life. From my first day of school, to my first love, to my first gig, each patch of the town holds a memory,” Clara explains. “During a particularly bad slump in inspiration, a dry patch in creativity, and even a lull in passion for music, I received a lump sum of emergency tax back. Though I was a struggling student at the time I decided to head off and explore the city of Rome as a stark contrast to my little town. I brought a pen and paper for company and this song is the result of that trip.”

‘To Rome’ is the result of Clara’s journey to Italy, full of gentle alt-folk guitar sounds and her rich vocals. “The evidence of the cities previous empire is scattered on every street corner in the form of these beautiful ruins. In a strange way, it gave me hope,” Clara continues. “Those living during that time must have seen their world as I see mine; seemingly impossible to change and difficult to imagine the end of all they’ve ever known. I think the contenders for the biggest impact in your life feel like they could go on forever. Whether it’s a relationship, the current political system, a pandemic or a great empire, nothing lasts.”

Watch the accompanying video for ‘To Rome’ directed by Bray artist Ed Cleary below.

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Kate Crudgington