Track Of The Day: Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something – ‘Keytar’

Having previously wowed us with their kaleidoscopic offerings, including EP Someone Else To Blame and the powerful hypnotic energy of singles ‘Helen Is A Reptile’ and ‘Find A Place’, GIHE fave Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something has now shared a brand new single.

Inspired by a frayed childhood and fractured memories, ‘Keytar (I Was Busy)’ oozes the distinctive soaring majesty of Jemma’s vocals and swirling, twinkling hooks, creating a colourful slice of psychedelia, filled with raw emotion and an energised electro twist. Of the track, Jemma expands:

“… my mum died when I had just turned 21 and this song tries to communicate across astral planes and ages, switching aspect between mother and child, present and past feelings, making sense of none of them and trying to hold on to it all.”

‘Keytar (I Was Busy)’ now comes complete with an accompanying trippy video of the band venturing through the Woolwich Tunnel. Of the video, Jemma explains:

Made in collaboration with filmmaker Taylan Mutaf over the course of half a year and edited across continents the video itself serves as a nonsensical time-capsule, Taylan is traditionally a documentary maker so there is an irony that we have made a document to an imaginary time, in a mythical tunnel and shot with deliberate abstraction.”

Oh Really, What’s That Then? , the new album from Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something, is out 18th October via Trapped Animal Records and Cargo Records. Pre-order here. Catch Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something live at the launch party on 3rd October at Set, Dalston. 

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Suzi Corker

Track Of The Day: Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something -‘Find A Place’

Having previously wowed us with their kaleidoscopic offerings, including EP Someone Else To Blame and the hypnotic psychedelia of their last single ‘Helen Is A Reptile’, GIHE fave Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something has now joined Trapped Animal Records, along with the likes of The Baby Seals and Kerry Devine.

To celebrate, they have shared brand new single ‘Find A Place’. Comprised of two different recorded mono performances of the track, both mixed together to form the stereo version, it instantly captivates the ears with its fuzzy whirr, twinkling hooks and the distinctive soaring majesty of Jemma’s vocals. Another spellbinding offering from JFATCS, ‘Find A Place’ oozes a swirling, ethereal haze, building to a powerful outpouring of emotion. Of the track, Jemma explains:

“The song is about feeling empowered and finding your stage, or a place where you fit in aphysically and psychologically. The concept of the song itself is about the duality of our internal and external representations of ourselves. The idea of feeling empowered and the external image finally matching with my internal narrative. I’ve always felt genderless or imbued with maleness when I play live, but it wasn’t until I performed in drag that I felt I could access those parts of me. For those elements to align was a powerful experience. The kind of cathartic nature of finally presenting your most inner power very publicly and using what could be paranoia or undermining thoughts to your advantage.”


Produced by Mark Estall, ‘Find A Place’ is out 2nd August via Trapped Animal Records/Cargo Records. Oh Really, What’s That Then?, the upcoming album from Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something, is set for release later this year. 

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Track Of The Day: Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something – ‘Helen is A Reptile’

Having captivated us with the kaleidoscopic sounds of their last EP Someone Else To Blame, as well as completely blowing us away on numerous occasions with their immense live show, Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something have now shared a magnificent new single.

Drawing on the subjects of OCD and suicidal ideation, ‘Helen Is A Reptile’ describes a human lizard hybrid realisation of dark thoughts that can creep through victims’ minds and taunt them when they’re most vulnerable. Written after Jemma had been experiencing days of insomnia, the track is propelled by a primal, whirring energy as immense swirling hooks accompany their raw, impassioned vocals.

A soaring slice of sparkling psych-rock with shades of ‘70s glam, ‘Helen Is A Reptile’ oozes all of Freeman’s trademark hypnotic majesty, creating an other-worldly sonic delight, whilst drawing attention to the extremely pressing issue of mental health.

Featuring Wendy Rae Fowler and Martina Ziewe, and directed by Black Triangle, you can watch the new video for ‘Helen Is A Reptile’ here:

Buy ‘Helen Is A Reptile’ for what you can afford on Bandcamp now. And catch Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something live for the single launch, along with GIHE faves Scrounge and Eyesore and The Jinx, tomorrow 2nd May at The Windmill Brixton.

And, not only is ‘Helen Is A Reptile’ a treat for the ears, but it’s accompanied by an utterly unique, handmade lathe cut vinyl. There are only 55 copies of the vinyl and each one has been individually hand cut by 345 vinyl in Brighton. The covers are all unique and each have a piece of lino flooring from the video set attached. On the other side, there is a unique lino print designed and printed by Jem and numbered by hand in their South London home. They will be available only at the launch party and 10 will be held back for a special silent auction online, the winners to be announced on Friday 3rd May, all proceeds will go to charity Music Support UK – a charity supporting those in any area of the UK music industry suffering from addiction, emotional and mental health issues. All details of how to get involved in the auction below:

  • There are ten 7” singles available to buy online via this blind auction.
  • The ten largest bids submitted to the auction will be the winners.
  • You can only bid once in this auction, but if you’re interested in buying multiple copies please  also say how many you’d like to buy at the price you bid. If your bid ends up in the top 10 we’ll try to accommodate your request for multiple copies, subject to availability.
  • Auction begins at midnight on 2nd May and ends at 23:59 (UK time) the same day. Bids received outside of these times will not be entered into the auction.
  • Send your bid to us in a private message via the JF&TCS Facebook page. All bids received via other means (public comments on fb posts, email, other social media, carrier pigeon) will not be entered into the auction.
  • Bids must be placed in £GBP.
  • JF&TCS will keep the retail price of the single to cover manufacturing costs (£10), plus P&P expenses from each winning bid. The rest of the money bid will be donated to Music Support UK. 
  • All bids placed are binding commitments to pay the price bid for one copy of the 7” single. Please don’t bid more than you’re prepared to pay.
  • Winners will be notified as soon as possible via email after the auction ends. We’ll also send you a PayPal invoice for the amount bid so you can pay for your 7”.
  • The names of the winners will be published by JF&TCS in a FB post as soon as possible after the auction ends, once sales have been finalised (unless you prefer to remain anonymous – please let us know if so). 

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Track Of The Day: Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something – ‘Heaven On A Plate’

Following the release of their debut EP Someone Else To Blame last year, and having just wowed us at Get In Her Ears live at The Finsbury, Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something are back with a dreamy new single. The first time that the band has truly written in a collaborative way, ‘Heaven On A Plate’ was simply jammed out in practice about three times and the results seemed too perfect to interfere with. 

A bittersweet ode to putting up with situations and people whilst maintaining a facade of grim determination, ‘Heaven On A Plate’ is a soaring slice of glitzy psych-rock. As Jemma’s sweeping vocals flow with an hypnotic majesty, eerie hooks underpin catchy melodies, taking your ears on a spacey sonic journey. With their vibrant charisma and immense guitar-playing skills, JFATC have once again created something truly captivating. 

Of the inspiration behind the track, Jemma explains:

I was inspired by the multi dimensional nature of the world’s evoked within science fiction novels (of which I am big fan) and the idea of hiding your true feelings when you are in certain scenarios or spaces. It’s also about mental illness and the distractions you can use as subterfuge to throw people off and avoid confrontation.

Filmed with ‘cosmic’ film-maker Taylan Mutaf, the accompanying video was inspired by the surreal performances on ’70s shows such as The Old Grey Whistle Test, and is a wonderfully trippy, kaleidoscopic work of art. 

Mutaf wrote some words about the filming of the video (whilst he was at sea on an unpowered boat exploring old trade routes!):

Jemma and myself had a chance to collaborate last year at a live performance of them at a small venue in our neighbourhood. We used 9:16 format and used multiple screens which made the video look like a kaleidoscope… When Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something was planning their next single release Jemma got in touch and told me about their idea for a new performance video for ‘Heaven On A Plate’. They had the idea of the studio, cosmic portraits and the footage from artist Lucietta Williams who created their own digital pin-hole camera… I  combined these ideas with a crystal lens, over layered images, and gelling everything together by filming the final edit with a very dusty high 8 camera that we found in Cosmic bassist Mark’s studio. I felt like a carpenter who works with a beautiful block of wood with the great tools that was given to me. I treated it step by step and I am so proud of the final product. ‘Heaven On A Plate’ was a great collaboration to be a part of and I really feel lucky to work with Jemma Freeman.”

Watch the epic, other-worldly video for ‘Heaven On A Plate’ now:

Catch Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something live this Wednesday, 25th July, at The Five Bells in New Cross, with fellow GIHE faves Scrounge!

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Suzi Corker