LISTEN: Gillie – ‘Leaving Alone’

An atmospheric rumination on the importance of authentic relationships, Welsh-born London-based songwriter Gillie has shared her latest single ‘Leaving Alone’. Interweaving pop sensibilities with her lush vocals and gritty guitar sounds, the track is a musing on the unexpected feelings of competition that threaten to erode the foundations of existing friendships.

“I found myself withdrawn and numb to friendships and this childish merry go round of emotions,” Gillie explains about the context of her new single. “It made me recheck a lot of my relationships, I think you need that sometimes. I wrote it with the guitar line at the forefront and was channelling a carefree reaction, planning this wildlife of independence – and whilst usually, I get sad and reflective when writing – with this I was just saying goodbye and was fine with that.”

The catharsis this personal breakthrough brought to Gillie is reflected in her soft vocal delivery and resolute and defiant lyrics on ‘Leaving Alone’. Described as a “sonic liberation,” it’s an optimistic new offering from an artist who is moving forward and no longer phased by the difficulties of her past.

Listen to ‘Leaving Alone’ below.


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Kate Crudgington