WATCH: She Drew The Gun – ‘Class War (How Much)’

Liverpool’s She Drew The Gun continue to storm out the blocks with the announcement of their upcoming new album Behave Myself, set for release in September. And now they have treated us to a poetic middle finger to the Tory government, seething with corruption, on the second single to be taken from the album – ‘Class War (How Much)’. 

The track gets rolling with a catchy bassline before the languid rhetorical refrain of “how much did you get paid for that?” kicks in – questioning the ethics of high-level nepotism in military contracts and PPE deals. Shiny synths cut through perfectly, pairing well with the accompanying animated ’80s arcade music video and humorously contrasting ‘Class War’s morose subject matter. She Drew The Gun’s singular half-spoken half-sung vocals are centre stage here alongside some playful electric guitar licks, boosting the witty wordplay of lyrics like “I’m a weapon of mass distraction”.

The Merseyside-based musician explains of the track:

It’s about how much we let corruption go in plain sight and accept a politician’s answer when these people are at the front of a ruthless class war being waged against those of us who live on the wrong side of Capital.” 

‘Class War (How Much)’ joins the excellent ‘Cut Me Down’ as fiery, politically-minded tasters of She Drew The Gun’s increasingly exciting upcoming album – Behave Myself – set for release on 24th September via Submarine Cat Records. Pre-order here.

Leonie Bellini

LISTEN: Hushtones – ‘Sinking’

If you’re searching for a tune to complete your summer playlist, look no further. This slice of pure sunshine from Liverpool psych-rockers Hushtones layers golden vocals with lush keys and a gentle hit of guitar fuzz, peaking with an irresistibly catchy chorus perfectly designed for a beach road-trip. 

Taken from their upcoming debut album Greetings From The Other Side, ‘Sinking’ introduces itself with a bouncing drumbeat and gorgeous, euphoric harmonies, before launching head-first into a sky-scraping chorus and a frolicking guitar solo. Further amping up the sunshine is the ’60s/’70s rock tinge that weaves its way throughout, grounding the glossy melodies in a crunchy bass and retro synths.

Of their writing process, the band explain: “We were really lucky ‘cos we were able to write, create and build this album during the bizarre months of 2020… We have poured our hearts and souls into this body of work from start to finish. There have been actual tears! But we’re really proud of it and so excited for people to finally hear it.” 

Greetings From The Other Side, the upcoming debut album from Hushtones, is set for release 6th August.

Leonie Bellini

Track Of The Day: She Drew The Gun – ‘Cut Me Down’

“Deeper, faster, harder”. The stunning opening single from She Drew The Gun’s third full-length release is a revelation in sonically perfect protest – and it demands to be turned up loud. The swirling melody of that instantly catchy refrain combines strikingly with a bite of heavy punk, resulting in a formidable anthem that bursts out of the speakers – an enticing masterclass in attention-grabbing rock. Flawless production from Ross Orton on ‘Cut Me Down’ amplifies the grungey, driving bass, while hard-hitting drums mirror the lyrics’ spirited rebellion.

The band is the project of Merseyside-based Louisa Roach, who reveals the track was “inspired by the Las Tesis protests in Chile which brought a new level to the idea of a protest song, where hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets and sang ‘The Rapist is You’. The police, the government, the judges, the system was not designed to look after women’s’ rights and it still does not, so I will have to fight ‘Deeper, faster, harder, cheaper, stronger, further, smarter’ just to get even with you.”

A flavour of incredible music in store from the upcoming album, ‘Cut Me Down’ is an entrancing, unsparingly energetic hit of defiant politics, and an outstanding testament to the unstoppable musical force of She Drew The Gun.

Behave Myself, the upcoming new album from She Drew The Gun, is out 24th September via Submarine Cat Records. Pre-order here.

Leonie Bellini

LISTEN: King Hannah – ‘State Trooper’

Following the release of their utterly captivating debut EP Tell Me Your Mind and I’ll Tell You Mine, Liverpool’s King Hannah have now shared a sweeping new offering.

A cover of the Bruce Springsteen 1982 track, ‘State Trooper’ is a beautifully bewitching listen. Maintaining all the gritty charm of the original, but with an added majestic splendour, the swooning hypnotic grace of Hannah Merrick’s vocals ripples alongside scuzzy hooks and a dark, spellbinding energy. A truly exquisite rendition of a song from one of my all-time favourite albums. It’s pretty hard to do The Boss justice (speaking as a mega super fan!), but King Hannah have managed it with flying colours – adding their own ethereal grandeur, they have succeeded in making it completely their own.

Of the decision to cover the track, the band explain:

“We have always loved the Bruce Springsteen album Nebraska, how sparse and raw it sounds, and how it is effectively a live demo recording. We wanted to keep that live-feel when covering ‘State Trooper’ and so we tracked the song live in our little home studio. We tried to do justice to the atmosphere of the original when arranging the track, with rumbling tom-heavy drums, warm creamy guitars and intimate slap-back vocals.”

Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine, the new EP from King Hannah, is out now. Catch the band on tour later this year:

16/10/21: District – Liverpool  
20/10/21: YES (Pink Room) – Manchester
21/10/21: Hyde Park Book club – Leeds
22/10/21: Broadcast – Glasgow
23/10/21: Star and Shadow Cinema – Newcastle  
24/10/21: The Cookie – Leicester
25/10/21: Jericho Tavern – Oxford
26/10/21: Hare & Hounds – Birmingham
27/10/21: Lexington – London
28/10/21: Hope & Ruin – Brighton
29/10/21: The Louisiana – Bristol

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Craig Whittle