LISTEN: Deaf Surf – ‘Strangers’

“Loneliness is a feeling / not a state of mind” Deaf Surf‘s vocalist Manon frantically repeats on the band’s latest single ‘Strangers’, echoing what many of us are experiencing in a post-lockdown world. Filled with frenzied riffs and crashing percussion, the Brighton-based band tackle feelings of isolation and alienation on their new track.

Recorded & produced by Boe Weaver at Studio Humbug on the Isle of Wight, Deaf Surf have shared their second single to remind listeners that even in a world of Zoom gigs and Instagram Lives, we don’t have to be ‘Strangers’ while the music industry is suffering under the restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic.

The single also touches on Brexit (remember that?) and the desperation that comes with not feeling like you belong anywhere. “It’s all in my head” sings Manon, tapping in to feelings of pure confusion in the face of unexpected adversity.

Listen to ‘Strangers’ below and follow Deaf Surf on Facebook & Bandcamp for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Graywave – ‘With Me’

An atmospheric slice of dream-pop designed to help listeners escape their bedroom walls; Graywave has shared her latest single, ‘With Me’. The track combines Graywave’s smooth vocals with lush, shoe-gaze inspired guitar sounds which help to distract and deter negative thoughts.

Graywave, aka multi-disciplinary artist Jess Webberley, is influenced by the likes of artists such as Men I Trust, Slowdive, Crumb, and Japanese Breakfast. She blends ambient elements of dream-pop with slightly gritter elements of shoegaze to produce her charming sounds, and ‘With Me’ is a gentle example of this.

“‘With Me’ was written and brought to life with the ambition to create something meaningful and creative during lockdown” Graywave explains. “The song was written and recorded by myself in my bedroom and sent off to Sam Bloor for mixing and mastering. The artwork is reflective of the writing experience and creating it was a way for me to visualise the sound of the track. It depicts my bedroom with the addition of a portal leading elsewhere, tying in with the mood of the song. The only coherent lyrics in the song – ‘always searching, always yearning’ – allude to the feeling of always wanting to surpass any successes I may achieve, coupled with a constant longing to be elsewhere.”

Graywave’s sentiments will resonate with many listeners as they approach the end of this lockdown period. Listen to ‘With Me’ below and follow Graywave on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Kayla May

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Catbear – ‘Love And War’

If you’re caught between wanting to move on from a past relationship, but you can’t stop thinking about your ex while in lockdown; Catbear‘s latest single ‘Love And War’ will lift your spirits. The track is a catchy electro-pop offering designed to distract you from thoughts of your past loves.

Formed of Zoe Konez and Sarah Smith, Catbear are a DIY duo who make danceable, 80s inspired, synth-soaked bangers. The LGBTQ proud pair record and produce all of their music from Konez’s home studio in London, and released their debut album Beast of the Night in 2018. New single ‘Love and War’ is lifted from the record, and according to the band, it’s “the soundtrack to your quarantine daydreams of the ex you love to hate.”

The duo explain the track’s premise in more detail: “’Love and War’ is a reminiscence of a doomed love affair. When you knew all along it was destined to end, but there’s something magnetic, irresistible that pulls you along through it; and even at the end you can still look back fondly at the lustful wrestle towards the inevitable implosion”.

Listen to Catbear’s new single below, and follow the band on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.


Kate Crudgington