Track Of The Day: Dead Naked Hippies – ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’

Pushing themselves to create something new without compromising on quality or creativity, Leeds trio Dead Naked Hippies have shared their latest single ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’. Self-produced during lockdown earlier this year, the band have introduced buzzing synths alongside frontwoman Lucy Jowett’s crystalline vocals to create a heavy, infectious anthem that questions what it means to be human.

“‘Curiosity (Dawn)’’ is a question of existence and purpose, how life shapes us & we shape it, and reflecting on it as if it were coming to an end,” explains Jowett about the track. “Society is so focused on moving at pace, achieving, doing, proving that sometimes it feels so ingrained into us, that this is the way we should be. Lyrically, I wanted to explore myself beyond expectation.” Isolated from their practice room and their band mate Jacob, Jowett and her fellow band/flat mate Joe took to the deserted back streets of Leeds to explore this theme further, creating a superbly shot accompanying monochrome video that was completed in one take.

“We were set on the idea of capturing a moment, much like a live show – imperfect, but full of excitement,” Jowett explains. “The video you see was the first & only full take we captured on the day we set aside to film it, it felt really special to approach in this way and was definitely a reaction to the lack of live performance in our lives this year.” Making the best of a bad situation, Dead Naked Hippies’ venture into self-production and new musical territory during 2020 is something we certainly approve of.

Watch the video for ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Basic Bitches – ‘You Know I’m Right’

If you’re constantly battling Zoom-induced fatigue, or if your opinions are still being ignored in online work meetings, Basic Bitches are here to set the record straight. Their latest single ‘You Know I’m Right’ is a rallying cry against unfair work-place politics, and a middle finger to the mediocre men who are one step ahead of you on the career ladder – even when you’re all working from home!

The Brooklyn-based duo combine thrashing beats, riotous riffs and a chant-worthy chorus to communicate their frustrations. The track is taken from their 2019 EP, Relatable Content (released via Hell Hath No Fury Records), and is accompanied by a familiar looking set of visuals. Directed by Erin Waters and edited by Erin & Johnathan DeMuth, the video shows how a conference call “dissolve into chaos as a condescending middle manager faces a revolt from his bored and disgruntled workforce”.

Check out the video for ‘You Know I’m Right’ below and follow Basic Bitches on Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Photo Credit: Nikki Krivanek