LISTEN: Hari Debi – ‘Bang’

A slow-burning guitar anthem that celebrates the power of female sexuality, London rockers Hari Debi have shared their latest single ‘Bang’. Accompanied by a smoking set of monochrome visuals featuring vocalist Maddy Jones cutting loose and enjoying herself in front of the lens, the track is a riff heavy ode to female desire that simmers with riotous passion.

Formed of Maddy, Mark Docherty (guitar), Jack Hall (bass) and Luis Bezzi (drums), Hari Debi take inspiration from The Kills, Saint Agnes and Dead Weather to create their bold rock and roll sounds. They released their first EP Loose Thread in 2020 and are planning to share a second EP later this year, with ‘Bang’ being the first taste of what’s to come.

“Musically the song is a metaphor for passion,” the four piece explain about the track. “It burns fast and frantic, then evens out into a slow riff before reigniting to an explosive conclusion.” Through Mark’s killer riffs and Maddy’s fervent vocals, the band celebrate the confidence and autonomy that comes with a healthy sexual appetite, even though women often experience sexist double standards when they choose to embrace their own.

Watch the video for ‘Bang’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

ALBUM: Goat Girl – ‘On All Fours’

With a renewed approach to structuring their songs and a fresh desire to improvise and enjoy the music they’re making, Goat Girl have channelled their joys and frustrations via electronics and FX pedals on their second album On All Fours. Released via Rough Trade Records, this new offering retains the band’s trademark cynical charm, whilst offering listeners a route to escapism through jazz-infused beats and soft vocal melodies.

Guitarist & vocalist Lottie Pendlebury’s calm delivery of mantra-like lyric “I have no shame when I say / step the fuck away” on opener ‘Pest’ epitomises the defiant, dancing tone of On All Fours. Inspired by the colonialist undertones of 2018’s tabloid newspapers who dubbed a storm that hit the UK as the “beast from the east,” the track laments western society’s dangerous habit of “othering” any issues it falsely believes it’s not responsible for – making it the “pest from the west” that Pendlebury sings of.

As with their 2018 self-titled debut album, Goat Girl’s left-wing sensibilities are at the forefront of their song-writing, but they’ve made space for carefree tunes on their new record too. The playfully named ‘Badibaba’ bubbles with jazzy electronics and eccentric time signatures, while ‘Jazz (In The Supermarket)’ showcases how the band’s jamming sessions have blossomed into organised, erratic sounds. The infectiously upbeat ‘Once Again’ and the swaggering rhythms on ‘Sad Cowboy’ and ‘The Crack’ punctuate the album with a light-hearted, but tenacious attitude.

While ‘P.T.S.Tea’ is a fun play on words, it’s underscored by drummer Rosy Jones’ distressing memory of being on tour in 2019. Jones was badly scalded after a random man on a ferry spilled tea on their arm, leaving Jones unable to complete the rest of the band’s dates. The man never apologised, so ‘P.T.S.Tea’ is an aural scald on male accountability and privilege, as well as an exploration of Jones’ own gender identity, reflected in the lyric “to say what I am / well I don’t have a clue.” Jones’ gaze was also fixed on the reversal of gender normative roles when they penned closing track ‘A-Men’ too.

The swirling sounds on ‘Closing In’ are a vibrant personification of Pendlebury’s own struggles with depression, while following track ‘Anxiety Feels’ gives a gentle insight into bassist Ellie Davies’ crippling panic attacks. Her lyrical musings on medication and dealing with negative thought patterns are delivered with tender sincerity. Both songs explore gruelling subjects with genuine charm and care.

The parasitic ‘They Bite On You’ bleeds into the explosively named ‘Bang’, on which Pendlebury extrapolates on the nature of her ego. The woozy sounds of ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ were born from a weekend retreat where the band spent their time writing, drinking and mocking the intensity of such an ambiguous question. Sweet self-deprecating moments like this galvanized the sound of On All Fours. Goat Girl’s ability to make their second album feel like a light listen despite the contexts of their songs being rooted in difficulty, is a refreshing and admirable quality for band releasing new music in an already tumultuous new year.

Listen to Goat Girls’ new album On All Fours here.

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If you like the sound of Goat Girl’s new album, you can read more about what inspired them to make it in my interview with them for The Line Of Best Fit.

Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: BERRIES – ‘Copy’

In a riveting, riff heavy tune that takes off with intention the moment it begins, London-based trio BERRIES bring us a garage-rock banger with their brand new single. Having been firm favourites here at GIHE for a number of years, they’ve also received well-deserved acclaim from the likes of John Kennedy and Huw Stephens, and look set to continue gaining fans with this energy-fuelled latest release.

Gritty, overdriven guitar open ‘Copy’ with a provocative sonic adrenaline that sets the scene for the bold disposition that carries throughout the track’s entirety. This undeniably catchy riff never lets go, and with this captivating high-energy, BERRIES grab fans of indie-rock, punk and grunge all at once.

With only three players – Holly, Lauren and Lucie – BERRIES’ ‘Copy’ sounds impressively gigantic between its pulsing bass-lines and driving drums. The band’s instrumental chemistry is evident even in their studio recording, as the track scurries around itself reacting in the most particular ways.

Lyrically, BERRIES gives us an independent mood that is “rough around the edge” and self-motivated. ‘Copy’ forgets about the opinions of others and sticks to its own unique path, creating a track that is both electrifying and autonomous at every moment; relentless in both tone and fiery character. Of the track, the band explain:

“… (it’s) about imitation and how we are programmed by society to try and live up to other people’s expectations of happiness and how unhealthy, self-critical and obsessive this way of existing can be.”


If ‘Copy’ serves as a taste for the upcoming BERRIES’ record, set to be released  via Xtra Mile Recordings, listeners are certainly in for an original and memorable sonic experience from this power trio.

Jillian Goyeau

Track Of The Day: The Other Ones – ‘The Other Ones’

Following the catchy energy of last year’s ‘On Top Of Me’, and previously wowing us live at The Finsbury back in the days of gigs and life, London-based The Other Ones have now shared a fiery new single.

Propelled by scuzz-filled riffs and a blistering energy, ‘The Other Ones’ blasts into the ears with front woman Steph’s soaring, impassioned vocals and a fierce, empowering spirit. With a driving power, it’s an uplifting punk-pop anthem paying tribute to all of us ‘Other Ones’, the wonderful misfits of society.


Taken from their upcoming album of the same name, ‘The Other Ones’ is out now via Reckless Yes.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Keira Anee Photography