Track Of The Day: Healthy Junkies – ‘Some Kind of Girl’

**Trigger Warning: Discussion of sexual harassment in the workplace**

A riotous exploration of the multiple microaggressions that women endure on a daily basis while trying to stay focused in the workplace; Healthy Junkies have shared their latest single, ‘Some Kind Of Girl’. Lifted from the band’s fourth album, Delirious Dream, the track is informed by personal experience.

“I can hear the scream inside your eyes” seethes Healthy Junkies vocalist Nina Courson over crashing percussion and heavy riffs. ‘Some Kind Of Girl’ is based on Courson’s own experience of sexual harassment which she endured when she moved from France to London as a young woman. “There is very much a call for change in today’s society” she explains. “Truth, justice and non-acceptance of inappropriate behaviour are very much at the fore-front of this.”

The London-based band have shared an accompanying video for the track (directed by John Clay) that highlights the pervasive nature of sexual harassment, and how the effects last long after women leave the office. Watch the visuals below and follow Healthy Junkies on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

If you need support or advice about sexual harassment please click here.

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Indian Queens – ‘Shoot For Sexy’

An intoxicating blend of hazy guitars, alluring vocals, and brooding beats; Indian Queens‘ latest single ‘Shoot For Sexy’ is a sublime new offering. Lifted from their debut album God Is A Woman, set for release via Cool Thing Records on 3rd April, the London trio consistently impress us with their beguiling sounds.

Formed of sisters Jennifer (guitar/ lead vocals) and Katherine (bass/vocals) O’Neill, and lifelong friend Matthew Dudan-Bick (drums), Indian Queens were born and raised in Hackney Wick. Influenced by the restless city that surrounds them, the trio’s soundscapes reflect both the darkness and the light on a personal, and a universal scale.

Single ‘Shoot For Sexy’ is an anti-party anthem, despite its suggestive lyrics and smoldering bass lines, it’s a track best appreciated under low light with limited, or intimate company. It fits the mood of the band’s upcoming album perfectly, as Jennifer explains: “God Is A Woman is a late night record, an album to put on during a dark drive, to play at the end of the party when it all slows down”.

We’re more than happy to slow down to the captivating sounds of this talented trio. Listen to ‘Shoot For Sexy’ below, and follow Indian Queens on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Kana Waiwaiku

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Dream Nails – ‘Payback’

A rallying cry against the lack of justice for survivors of sexual violence; GIHE favourites Dream Nails have shared their powerful new single ‘Payback’. Taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album, set for release 3rd April via Alcopop! Records, the track is accompanied by a poignant video showcasing the work of UK feminist activist group, Sisters Uncut.

With it’s mantra-like lyrics – “Hey mister, get your hands off my sister” – and abrasive guitar riffs, Dream Nails have created an aural call to arms that vehemently protests the rights of domestic violence survivors. The track is heavy in terms of volume and context, but as is the case for so many of Dream Nails tracks, it’s also tear-jerking because of the depressing reality behind their catchy lyricism.

Vocalist Janey Starling provides further insight: “In the UK, only 1.5% of rape cases lead to a charge or summons. ‘Payback’ is a song about how the UK criminal justice system fails survivors – and we’re angry about it. This is a country where two women are murdered every week by a partner or ex-partner. So many women have lived through sexual and physical abuse, and carry the scars and memories of that – but will never see justice for it.”

Drummer Lucy Katz adds that the single is “fuelled by fury borne from our experiences and the stories we hear from our peers, from the news, and in our day jobs. We are sick and tired of being failed and gaslit again and again by a state and a system that does not care about the continued abuse of women.”

Whilst there is a necessary and underlying rage throughout ‘Payback’, Guitarist Anya Pearson reminds us that it provides time and space to blow off some steam: “This is a tune to mosh to, throw yourself around with your sisters and non binary babes in the pit and scream the chorus: “One day we’ll make you pay””

Dream Nails are a vital force in both musical and activist societies, and their refusal to accept sub-standard treatment for their fans and their allies is why we keep returning to their music time, and time again. Watch the video for ‘Payback’ below, and follow Dream Nails on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

Dream Nails UK Tour Dates 2020
10 April Cardiff, Wales Goes Pop!
11 April Leicester, The Shed
22 April St Albans, The Horn
23 April London, Oslo – Album Release Show
24 April Bristol, Louisiana
25 April Reading, Are You Listening? Festival
26 April Southampton, Heartbreakers
29 April Leeds, Oporto
30 April Manchester, Castle
02 May Edinburgh, Stag & Dagger Festival
03 May Newcastle, Hit The North
09-11 July Cheltenham, 2000Trees Festival
31 Jul – 01 Aug Oxfordshire, Truck Festival

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Mangö – Demons

A cathartic burst of twisted psych sound; London-based Mangö have shared their latest single ‘Demons’. Released via We Can Do It Records, the track is a dark, fuzzy take down of the inner voices that fuel our stress and anxiety.

Front woman Chloe Spence explains the track’s premise further: “Demons is a power battle song intended to portray the inner workings of one’s mind, and the mental fight we have daily to remain in a positive mindset in today’s fast paced realm of society. The demons are intended to represent negative thoughts, anxieties and emotions that people who struggle with mental health feel daily. We want to portray the demons as an infestation in one’s head, the more attention you give them, the more they thrive and take over.”

‘Demons’ came together when the band were messing around in rehearsals, when guitarist Tom experimented with his whammy pedal whilst comically playing bebop jazz lines and giggling to himself. The band have affectionately dubbed this sound as “a metallic fuzzy bebop tune”, and we think that’s an apt description for this catchy, cathartic slice of psych rock.

Listen ‘Demons’ below, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington