Track Of The Day: REYKO – ‘Saturday’

A jagged, electro-pop tune exploring the mixed emotions that come with an unexpected change, London-based duo REYKO have shared their latest single ‘Saturday’. Following on from their previous singles ‘The Game’ and ‘Panic’, this new track sees the pair navigate the euphoria and uncertainty of a life-changing event through a blend of hushed vocals, edgy riffs and poppy beats.

Formed of vocalist Soleil and producer Igor, REYKO first began making music together for the final project of Igor’s masters degree in music production. The pair released their self-titled debut album in 2020, blending elements of electro, indie, pop, hip-hop and trap together to create their intoxicating sounds. Since then, the duo have been steadily sharing new music and single ‘Saturday’ is another upbeat offering.

The track is designed to remind listeners that change is an inevitable part of life, which we all need to accept and embrace. It’s also accompanied by a video shot and directed by James Ayling, which features Soleil and Igor searching for each other around an industrial estate. Watch the video for ‘Saturday’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Catbear – ‘Love And War’

If you’re caught between wanting to move on from a past relationship, but you can’t stop thinking about your ex while in lockdown; Catbear‘s latest single ‘Love And War’ will lift your spirits. The track is a catchy electro-pop offering designed to distract you from thoughts of your past loves.

Formed of Zoe Konez and Sarah Smith, Catbear are a DIY duo who make danceable, 80s inspired, synth-soaked bangers. The LGBTQ proud pair record and produce all of their music from Konez’s home studio in London, and released their debut album Beast of the Night in 2018. New single ‘Love and War’ is lifted from the record, and according to the band, it’s “the soundtrack to your quarantine daydreams of the ex you love to hate.”

The duo explain the track’s premise in more detail: “’Love and War’ is a reminiscence of a doomed love affair. When you knew all along it was destined to end, but there’s something magnetic, irresistible that pulls you along through it; and even at the end you can still look back fondly at the lustful wrestle towards the inevitable implosion”.

Listen to Catbear’s new single below, and follow the band on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.


Kate Crudgington