LISTEN: Danika Smith – ‘Sweet Mellow D’

A gentle, atmospheric folk tune about feeling content after a period of personal growth, Melbourne-based songwriter Danika Smith has shared her latest single ‘Sweet Mellow D’. Full of lush guitar sounds and soft vocals, Smith subtly fuses elements of jazz and soul music to create a soothing, wholesome soundscape.

“’Sweet Mellow D’ feels like a song of recognition of my personal growth,” Smith explains. “I believe we all have to go on a journey of healing within our lifetime. One of unlearning and relearning, in order to truly know ourselves and to live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. I feel like I’m only starting to know myself now. The day this song was inspired, I was sitting there with the nylon on my lap, and I felt mellow and content. I thought about those swirling years of pain and confusion in contrast to the peace, and so I put it into song, with deep gratitude to the power of music.”

Smith’s gratitude unfolds over the course of the track, with her lilting guitar riffs and calm, clear vocals guiding her listeners along a similar journey. Co-produced with Grammy nominated engineer Nick Herrera, ‘Sweet Mellow D’ is the second single to be lifted from Smith’s highly anticipated debut album, which is set for release in early 2021. Listen to the track below and follow Danika Smith on bandcamp, Spotify & Facebook for more updates.


Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Hannah Cameron – ‘Backsliding’

“I want to teach a lesson I don’t want to learn” Melbourne artist Hannah Cameron reluctantly muses on latest single, ‘Backsliding’. Released via AWAL, this latest offering sees Cameron delicately, yet candidly hold herself accountable for past mistakes.

With a sound described as “indie noir”; Cameron weaves elements of folk, blues and indie in to her music to create her emotive, beguiling sounds. “I want to start a fire just to feel the burn” she sings, over brooding guitar, steady beats, and cinematic strings; pulling listeners in to her vivid narrative.

“In July last year, I wrote a song every day for a week”, Cameron explains. “‘Backsliding’ was the first song to come out of that writing period, and it’s about finding yourself in the same situation or the same relationship over and over again, and realising that it’s a choice you’re making. It’s about taking responsibility and making yourself accountable for your decisions and your actions.”

It’s this self-awareness that marks Cameron as an intriguing, relevant songwriter. When she’s not busy writing and performing her own material, she plays with various Melbourne-based bands and musicians; including On Diamond, Clio, Grand Salvo, Brain Romance, Brian Campeau and Husky Gawenda. These combined experiences prove Cameron’s adaptability, and ingenuity as a musician.

Listen to ‘Backsliding’ below, and follow Hannah Cameron on Spotify and Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Danika Smith – ‘Suit Of Armour’

Smooth vocals, lo-fi percussion and beguiling guitar sounds permeate Melbourne-based artist Danika Smith‘s debut single ‘Suit Of Armour’. Her blend of folk and soul elements captivate the ears, and prove that Danika has an instinctive approach when it comes to songwriting.

Speaking about the track, she explains: “I wrote ‘Suit Of Armour’ when love and fear collided, and left me feeling confused and avoidant. It’s a song that observes the reservations I have, when there is something potentially beautiful in front of me, and I look for the cracks and flaws, as a protective method to avoid pain. It is melancholic that the beauty of love is shadowed by so much skepticism and mistrust, but there is an optimistic message too. I have the power to move through the weight of these experiences, remove the armour, and eventually be more open to connection, in time.”

Danika’s careful removal of her emotional chains is a humble, inspiring act that demonstrates both her vulnerability and her strength as a woman, and as a musician. She’s currently working on her debut LP and gigging around Australia, and we’re keen to hear more of her Lifted from her beautifully crafted sounds.

Listen to ‘Suit Of Armour’ below and follow Danika Smith on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington