VIDEO PREMIERE: Maud – ‘Nobody’

A shadowy electro-pop gem that champions personal growth and self-autonomy, Norwegian producer & songwriter Maud has shared her a new video to accompany her latest single ‘Nobody’. Directed by Danish video artist Signe Dige (Chinah), the visuals combine acidic colours with surreal photo-negative-style close ups to reflect the track’s themes of emotional resilience and finding your inner strength.

“Signe and I had one short phone call before we started working together and the rest of our communication was through WhatsApp,” Maud explains about the video. “The threshold for collaborating with people digitally is so low right now, and I love how I can just find inspiring artists in other countries through Instagram and instantly be able to connect with them.”

“The idea behind the video was to portray the intimate and sincere self-love described in ‘Nobody’ by combining playful close-ups of me in a dark visual landscape,” Maud continues. “I shot some videos on my phone in my apartment in Kristiansand, sent it to Signe in Denmark and then she edited it together with some crazy good animations that she made. The result is dreamy and organic, but also a raw and dramatic video which fits my single perfectly.”

Watch the video for ‘Nobody’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

WATCH: GHLOW – ‘Not Fit For This’

A visceral blend of distorted guitars, energetic beats and commanding vocals, Russian-Swedish heavy duo GHLOW have shared a video to accompany their latest single ‘Not Fit For This’. Taken from the band’s debut album Slash and Burn, recently released via PNK SLM Recordings, the fast-paced visuals reflect the track’s intense rhythms and jagged riffs.

“’Not Fit For This’ is a manifesto embracing raw power, materializing the energy that grows out of frustration and boredom,” the band explain about the track. “We wanted the video to translate the energy of the music and worked with our amazing friends over at Gonz TV who kept it fast paced and punky.”

Formed of multidisciplinary artists Emille de Blanche and Nikolay Evdokimov, GHLOW fuse their lived experiences and passion for genre-blending sounds into their intense, driving soundscapes. They divide their labour equally; de Blanche handles vocals, bass and the band’s art direction, while Evdokimov takes on on guitar, synths, drum machines and production duties. Through experimentation and a desire to test themselves, the pair trusted their instincts and created an album that burns with raw, ambiguous fury, and ‘Not Fit For This’ is another corrosive offering that glows with the band’s trademark electro-punk angst.

Watch the video for ‘Not Fit For This’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

WATCH: CMAT – ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’

Inspired by Nestlé TV adverts, K-Pop music videos and the Oscar-nominated 70s film Five Easy Pieces, Irish pop icon CMAT has shared a new video to accompany her fourth single ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’. Adorned in a fabulous snake-skin blazer & skirt combo, the pop starlet performs an impressive and joyful dance routine opposite a mute bearded beauty who’s Instagram followers are set to double in the next few hours.

“The director Eilís approached me some time ago to make a music video, and I really wanted it to be for ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’ because I knew she would be able to capture the high energy mood of the song, and also we are into the same old, niche and ugly design stuff,” CMAT explains. “The dream sequence was inspired by a Nestle ad from the 1980s. The choreographer, Nick, made my dreams come true. I was like, ‘I want to dance like Blackpink, but I have absolutely no technical ability whatsoever.’ I think that much is evident in the video but we pulled it off!”

Full of CMAT’s lush, yearning vocals, relatable lyrics and Americana-tinged guitars, ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’ is a song that sees her swallow her pride and admit to sometimes being “the bigger dickhead in a relationship.” The witty set of accompanying visuals show CMAT at her finest, exuding a charisma that lights up the screen as she leans into “the Marian Keyes of it all.”

Watch the video for ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’ below.


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Photo Credit: Sarah Doyle

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Orla Gartland – ‘More Like You’

A poetic alt-folk tune that tries to overcome feelings of inadequacy, Irish songwriter Orla Gartland has shared her latest single ‘More Like You’. Taken from her debut album which is set for release later this year, the track is a charming rumination on how “feeling second best” can affect the way you view yourself and others around you.

“I know that I’ve been obsessing in the worst way,” Gartland sings over soft beats and playful keys, gently examining her own vulnerabilities and anxieties about being replaced by another. “‘More Like You’ is about a jealousy I felt for my best friend’s other best friend; someone I simultaneously disliked and wanted to be,” she admits, but through careful introspection Gartland has now made peace with her initial feelings of discomfort. This journey is reflected in the choreography in the accompanying video for the track, directed by Greta Isaac.

“We brought Elan Isaac on board to choreograph the piece and she absolutely smashed it,” Gartland explains. “I had never danced before and she managed to put together a piece that felt so thoroughly me. The movement in the video mirrors my journey of finally making my peace with the other person. We shot the video with a small crew of 5 in a village hall in South Wales near where Greta & Elan grew up. It was lashing rain that day, but with a bit of movie magic we managed to pull off a fake sun.”

Watch the video for ‘More Like You’ below.

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Photo Credit: Henry James

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