WATCH: ZAND – ‘Slut Money’

A savage pop tune that celebrates self-autonomy and body positivity, ZAND has shared a new video for their latest single ‘Slut Money’. The self-described “ugly pop” star is taking aim at slut shamers on their new track, knocking down the haters with their gritty beats, sweet vocals and candid rap verses.

“While it’s a tongue-in-cheek bop, I wrote it as a liberating bite back at whorephobes,” ZAND explains about the new single. “[It’s] an ode to the community, as well as it being empowering for anyone who’s been judged for demonstrating their right to bodily autonomy and sexual liberation.” The Blackpool-born producer delivers these thoughts via unapologetic lyrics and dense beats on ‘Slut Money’.

“Why you complaining when it’s not your body?” ZAND repeatedly asks, reiterating the problem that patriarchal society has with judging the bodies of women and non-binary people. ZAND rightfully celebrates using your body in whatever way you want to, and unapologetically tells those who find it offensive exactly where to go. Watch the video for ‘Slut Money’ below and follow ZAND on Instagram and Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Sara Irvine

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: New Pagans – ‘Yellow Room’

Following on from the release of their single Yellow Room in August, Belfast’s New Pagans have shared a captivating set of visuals to accompany their racing, urgent track. Directed by bassist Claire Miskimmin, the video reflects the often overwhelming feelings of darkness that women face in patriarchal society.

Inspired by the semi-autobiographical short-story The Yellow Wallpaper, which was written by American feminist author Charlotte Perkins Gilman, New Pagans originally penned the track to highlight the need for a specialised parent-and-baby mental health unit in Northern Ireland. “’Yellow Room’ is the fourth instalment in a series of self-made folk horror themed short films produced to accompany our music,” explains vocalist Lyndsey McDougall. “Set in the stunning local surroundings of Northern Ireland, we tried to evoke a sense of dread and isolation in the expanse of nature. In stifling a woman’s mind we take away her liberty, as in the novel the song is based on. It’s about the facade and the masks we wear, but break the surface and we find our protagonist’s strength. She cuts herself free and is set adrift.”

Watch the video for ‘Yellow Room’ below and follow New Pagans on bandcampFacebook & Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

VIDEO PREMIERE: Magick Mountain – ‘Infinity X2’

A colourful, trippy set of visuals that compliment the cacophony of sounds they accompany, Leeds-based trio Magick Mountain have shared a video for their latest single ‘Infinity X2’. Lifted from their debut album Weird Feelings, which is set for release on 23rd October, the track is “a psychedelic punk love song” filled with fuzzed up riffs and frenzied percussion.

Formed of Lins Wilson (Grammatics & Mother Vulpine), Tom Hudson (Pulled Apart By Horses) and Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin, Menace Beach), Magick Mountain craft energetic, psych-infused, frantic guitar tunes that explore everything from fantastical worlds to ancient mythology and mystical metaphors. On ‘Infinity X2′ the band hurtle into the idea of two lovers’ worlds colliding and merging into one.

The accompanying video is a collaboration between the band and analogue “VFX wizard” Josh Brownrigg. Of the footage, Wilson explains: “It was self-filmed in our practise space, which involved metres of gaffa-hung green fabric, make-shift tripods, a last minute lighting ‘rig’ and a state of the art spinning cam courtesy of a 1980s record player and phone holder. After Magick Mountain bassist/artman Tom Hudson edited the footage, we handed over the reins to Josh to work his glitchy visual sorcery, using analogue video synthesisers to experiment with tripped-out trails and create the mega fuzzed-up aesthetic. With its blues, deep purples, corals and pinks complimenting Tom’s cover artwork for the single, the video becomes part of the overall visual and sonic onslaught brought to you by Magick Mountain.”

Check out the video for ‘Infinity X2’ below and follow Magick Mountain on bandcamp, Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Magick Mountain

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Jessica Winter – ‘Sad Music’

Born from the desire to create an unusual video with hardly any budget, Jessica Winter has shared an edgy set of visuals for her single ‘Sad Music’. Lifted from her debut EP of the same name which she released via Roya earlier this year, the track is an electro-pop gem inspired by the need to relieve heartbreak through the medium of music.

Winter produces her music from her bedroom studio in Brixton, effortlessly blending various elements of electronica, pop, R&B and industrial music to create her intensely dance-able sounds. ‘Sad Music’ is a perfect example of this, and the accompanying video directed by Nan Moore catches both the light and the dark explored in her music.

Speaking about the new visuals, Winter explains: “Nan and I started it with zero budget, so we sweet talked our way into Specsavers and took a National Express down to Portsmouth beach to film the initial scenes. A year went past and we hustled, we toured together and eventually convinced someone to give us the cash to finish it off. The only reason we got into Spescavers was because I was there so often with a health condition called blepharitis, you treat it by using artificial tears. I think that reflects how as an artist, a woman putting out pop music, you always feel like there’s an element of being performative. ‘Sad Music’ is performative, it’s getting through heartbreak with a song and a dance.”

As well as her Sad Music EP, Winters has released the Chambermix edition, with stripped back versions of each song that focus on her vocals and piano. With a talent for both taking it down and cranking it up a notch, Winter has earned her Queen of sad bangers crown. Watch the video for ‘Sad Music’ below and follow Jessica Winter on bandcamp and Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington