WATCH: Barbarella’s Bang Bang – ‘Cowboy Job’

Dust off your stetsons and straw bales, because Barbarella’s Bang Bang have shared visuals for their latest single ‘Cowboy Job’, and it’s a rockabilly rodeo you don’t want to miss out on. Released via their own label Barbarella Records, the song is a twisted ode to a past relationship.

Fronted by Barbara Pugliese, Barbarella’s Bang Bang are comprised of members originating from Italy, Latvia and London – so their garage-rock sound is infused with influences from classical to punk rock. The ironically titled ‘Cowboy Job’ takes a story of heartbreak and reforms it into one of empowerment.

“This is the first time that I’ve written about something that gave me a lot of grief, with groove”, Barbara explains. “In regards to the satire within the lyrics, I must say, it’s been a very efficient healing method. With humour, the weight of something heavy gets lighter and we can get over things a bit easier. I’m actually grateful for having encountered this in my life, I was inspired a lot artistically. Let’s say that there’s sometimes a pearl to be found in the trash!”

Regarding the video, the band added, “The concept of the video of ‘Cowboy Job’ was to create wonky western Arizona scenery made out of cardboard that would visually reflect a ‘cowboy job style’. We tried our best to come out with some acting episodes that would portray the anger, laughter, humour, charm, and deception conveyed from the narrative of the song…and we did a pretty good job! The team involved in the making of the video were all close mates who are amazingly talented artists and helped efficiently within the process of filming the video… it’s all about the collective spirit and DIY!”

We’re fans of BBB’s DIY endeavours! Watch the video for ‘Cowboy Job’ below and follow Barbarella’s Bang Bang on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Lou Smith

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Host – ‘b4me’

“Cut your hair but not your ties” advises Host as she faces down multiple camera lens’ in her new video for single ‘b4me’. It’s an infectious slice of electro-pop from the Irish newcomer, which navigates the tricky territory between being in love with the idea of being loved, and not being able to reciprocate that desire.

Following on from her debut single ‘Goodbye’, Host has spent most of her year writing, recording and producing music alone. ‘b4me’ is another sharply produced offering from the newcomer, who had this to say about her new track: “Usually, like many other artists, I write my songs based off an exaggerated version of the truth; but ‘b4me’ is far from fiction. I produced the song fully before adding a lyrical element to the music and for me, that alone spoke volumes, but sometimes you just have to speak your thoughts aloud to make them fully register”.

Fact or Fiction: we’re happy to dance along to Host’s upbeat tunes. Watch the video for ‘b4me’ below, and follow her on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: She Drew The Gun – ‘Resister’

She Drew The Gun uses body paint and bright lights to rev things up in her new video for latest single ‘Resister’. The track is a measured but rallying cry to persevere in the face of adversity, and is taken from her upcoming album Revolution Of Mind (due to be released on October 5th via Skeleton Key Records).

‘Resister’ hosts buzzing guitar riffs, persistent percussion and lyrics fused with empowering messages. Guitarist & songwriter Louisa Roach says the new record is permeated by themes of “Empowerment; arming yourself with knowledge; questioning the status quo…” and her new video is further proof of her determination to keep on resisting any forces that try to oppress her.

Produced by James Skelly (The Coral) at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, Revolution Of Mind is set to be another powerful collection of songs from this affluent and informed songwriter. She Drew The Gun will return to the live scene following the release of their album, supporting The Coral on all dates of their UK tour. Watch the video for ‘Resister’ below and follow She Drew The Gun on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Penelope Trappes – ‘Carry Me’

Sublime, haunting vocals and beautifully shot images make up the video for Penelope Trappes‘ latest single ‘Carry Me’. The track is taken from her sophomore album Penelope Two, which is set to be released via Houndstooth on October 26th.

Originally from Australia but now based in London, Penelope’s dark, pensive, melancholy soundscapes are formed around “field recordings…guitars and synth drones, piano and reverb”. They declutter the mind and ensnare the senses, and ‘Carry Me’ is a beautiful example of her ability to blend tender vocals, layers of sound, and divine visuals with artistic flair.

Speaking about her upcoming album Penelope Two, Trappes extrapolates: “I spent 2017 being an empath with two dear friends, who lost very close loved ones. One lost nearly her whole family in an accident and the other lost his partner of 23 years, after she gave birth to their third child. Echoing distance, pain, love and infinity – this album is dedicated to them”.

Trappes transforms real pain in to other-worldly comfort, proving her worth as a confidant and as an artist. Watch the video for ‘Carry Me’ below and follow Penelope Trappes on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order your copy of Penelope Two here.

Photo Credit: Agnes Haus

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Lala Lala – ‘Water Over Sex’

Stop-motion animation, personal anguish and drifting lo-fi sounds permeate the new visuals for Lala Lala‘s latest single ‘Water Over Sex’. The track is taken from her upcoming album The Lamb, released on September 28th via Hardly Art.

Based in Chicago, Lala Lala (aka Lillie West) says the new track is based on a paranoid feeling that any “good fortune” she encountered would be “subsequently taken away” to “balance the scales” after a home invasion. Whilst this sounds like a sad premise, Lillie’s music feels far from melancholy with its jangly guitar sounds and dreamy vocals.

The video for ‘Water Over Sex’ was co-directed by Matthew James-Wilson and Toronto-based illustrator Ginette Lapalme. Matthew explains the video’s inception further: “I know Ginette from the comics scene in Toronto and, since Lillie is a fan (with her stickers on her guitar case and a few tattoos of her drawings), I wanted to work on an animated music video with her for the new album. We spent a week straight shooting using fabric, photocopies, Ginette’s collection of miniatures and knick-knacks, and stuff we found at 99 cent stores in Chinatown. The video follows a lamb doll (which Ginette made) continually daydreaming about the objects around her while she tries to live a relaxing life. We wanted to sort of indirectly reference the conflict in the song about how your lifestyle changes after you quit drinking. Since we all live in three different cities and couldn’t film Lillie for it, I asked Lillie to send over webcam footage of her singing the song that we could animate over.”

Originally from London, Lillie moved with her family to Los Angeles, where she spent her teenage years and later to Chicago. She started Lala Lala as a way to communicate things she felt she could never say out loud; touching on issues like intense paranoia, deaths of loved ones, and re-examinations of existing relationships.

‘Water Over Sex’ is another exploration of some of these intensely relatable themes. Watch the video for it below and follow Lala Lala on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order Lala Lala’s new album The Lamb here.

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Dott – ‘Wedding Song’

On the third anniversary of band members Anna and Evan’s wedding day, Galway’s Dott have shared a new video for their track ‘Wedding Song’, taken from their recent album Heart Swell. It’s a poignant ode to love in all its forms, and a celebration of Ireland’s vote to legalise Same Sex Marriage in 2015.

The video, shot by Madra Dana, shows footage of ‘traditional’ weddings before the Marriage Referendum, as Anna’s lyrics systematically strip away the expectations that come with wedding ceremonies, revealing the only thing that truly matters when you consider spending the rest of your life with someone: Love.

Anna explains the track further: “It’s three years since Evan and I tied the knot, and it has been so beautiful to see all of the people who have been able to legally marry the person they want to be with. For me, getting married had nothing to do with a big white dress, a trip to the church and a Priest’s blessing. It was about announcing that I intend to spend the rest of my life with someone I love, and celebrating that with all of our friends and family. Since 2015, everyone in Ireland can do just that too.”

Dott will be playing for Get In Her Ears on October 26th at our first gig at The Five Bells (RSVP here), so make sure you head down to hear ‘Wedding Song’ in all its live glory. Watch the video for the track below and follow Dott on Facebook for more updates.

Order your copy of Dott’s Heart Swell here.

Photo Credit: Alison MW

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Tina Boonstra – ‘I Think I See You Now’

Monochrome visuals and meaningful lyrics unite on Tina Boonstra‘s new video for her single ‘I Think I See You Now’. Directed and shot by David Pardoe, the track is taken from her debut EP My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again), which was released earlier this year via 7Core Music.

Introspective, understated and honest; Tina’s vocal delivery compliments the delicately shot footage that accompanies the song. Inspired by the likes of Wolf Alice and Arcade Fire, the London-based artist writes in a vulnerable, yet determined vein. Tina’s musical style may have been intended for the halls of churches (she was raised in a Christian missionary family), but it’s clear her sound was meant to echo further.

She’ll be playing a headline gig at The Hope and Anchor on October 25th with a full band, so head down to the show to experience her sound in its full glory. Watch the video for ‘I Think I See You Now’ below, and follow Tina Boonstra on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington