Video Premiere: Tribes Of Europe & Barbara Stretch – ‘Rosalind’

Having previously garnered support from the likes of BBC 6Music, BBC Wales and Amazing Radio for previous singles ‘Let The Big Beat Save Your Southern Soul’, ‘The House You Built For Us‘ and ‘It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow‘, Tribes Of Europe are back with an uplifting new offering. The alter-ego of Fenland-based Martin Elsey, for this current project he is joined by musicians Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack, Chase & Status, Jeff Beck) and Chris Taylor (Poison Girls), with the distinctive vocals of jazz-punk icon Barbara Stretch (The Vernons), as well as additional input from the Ely Fallen Angels Choir.

Immersed in a swirling, psychedelic haze, ‘Rosalind’ is partly inspired by innovative DNA chemist Rosalind Franklin, whilst reflecting on feelings of not fitting into society’s prescribed norms. As sweeping, synth-driven hooks are propelled by an uplifting ’60s-inspired rockabilly energy and a sizzling soul-infused groove, Stretch’s glistening heartfelt vocals soar. As the shimmering allure of ‘Rosalind’s cinematic musicality builds, blissful harmonies flow with a euphoric splendour to create a perfectly sunny slice of neo-soul; a rapturous soundtrack exuding a much-needed vibrant joy.

Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Elsey explains:

It’s about a girl whose hero is Rosalind Franklin. She also has a secret crush on a popular girl at school. It’s very intense, as these things tend to be when you want something really badly but can’t seem to find a way of getting it. The song is her imaginary conversation with Rosalind and the girl. Somewhere along the line I started thinking about Joe Meek as well, and he crept into the general vibe of the song … All these innovators who didn’t quite fit in with the norms of the day; maybe their sexuality or gender just didn’t quite click.”

Watch the wonderfully trippy new video for ‘Rosalind’, for the first time, now and prepare to lose yourself in its fizzing, colourful visuals:

‘Rosalind’ is out tomorrow, 20th August, via Integrity Records.

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LISTEN: Kristen Merritt – ‘I Don’t Think ABout You’

I Don’t Think About You’ is the woozy new single from Brooklyn-based artist Kristen Merritt. With heartfelt lyrics and laid-back instrumentation, this neo-soul groove is the perfect soundtrack for bright summer mornings. ‘I Don’t Think About You’ is positive and light, sung from the perspective of someone who has found clarity and has been released by it. It feels as though each word is sung through a smile, creating a warm and inviting soundscape.

Describing her music as “high-key” (high energy) neo-soul, you can hear the influence of Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu in Merritt’s slick and chilled-out arrangements, with lush keyboard flourishes highlighting the soulful lyrics. She also cites inspiration from her contemporaries, H.E.R. and Daniel Cesar.

‘I Don’t Think About You’ comes together magically with live instrumentation, it oozes a sincere human quality and vulnerability. The smooth and spacious percussion is reminiscent of Motown recording, providing a soothing groove. To accent the music, the guitar plays jazzy chords that add to the woozy ambiance. Smooth and sweet, Merritt’s vocal melody meanders up and down, flowing effortlessly as it leads the song. The vocal melodies and harmonies interweave and overlap, creating delicious textures and easing transitions into new musical ideas and sections.

Of the meaning behind the track, Merritt reveals: “It is the song of coming to terms with feelings for someone, feelings that you denied, for feeling as though they were misplaced on that person. In coming to terms with these feelings, I have reflected in the lyrics the ‘five stages of grief’: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance. There is also an additional component of something almost happy/joyous in that acceptance, content with the understanding of the situation, even if it didn’t pan out how you wanted it to.

‘I Don’t Think About You’ is accompanied by a vintage-inspired, artfully created new video, directed by Marissa Yates. Watch here:

Joi, Kristen’s debut album, is set for release 14th September.

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LISTEN: Georgia Chanel – ‘Realise’

Balmy and confessional, ‘Realise‘ is the second single from West Midlands born singer songwriter and producer Georgia Chanel.

Revelling in R&B and neo-soul influences, ‘Realise’ opens with mesmerising cinematic instrumentals over which Georgia’s voice glides like butter to warm toast. This is a heady, all-consuming song which not only shines a light on Georgia’s singing talents but her gift for storytelling too – the lyrics are confessional, introspective and intimate. Word by word Georgia takes us through a series of epiphanies about a past love before settling on the truth of the matter: “I never knew you, I never knew you, I never knew you”. It would be heartbreaking if it weren’t so delicately anthemic, cathartic even. 

Where this could easily be a track of defeat, Georgia lifts us towards empowerment instead. That precise interplay between the bitter and the sweet is what makes this such a perfect accompaniment for our capricious British summer time, whether it’s roof down in the heat or raindrops pelting against mismatched fences, this song will weather well. Somewhere in the background synths and saxophones chime like birds warbling into the wild, creating an other worldly atmosphere. There’s a rawness and a heart here: an authenticity – an artist to watch out for and a song to remember.

Tutku Barbaros


LISTEN: Tiece – ‘Nowhere, Now Here’ (Tiiva Remix)

A beguiling soundscape that celebrates the joy of new found infatuation, London-based artist Tiece has shared the Tiiva remix of her track ‘Nowhere, Now Here’. The pair were introduced to each other during the first lockdown of 2020 and have worked together to create this beautiful offering which enraptures the senses with its ear-melting vocals and atmospheric beats.

“This song has gone from a remix to a song in it’s own right!” Tiece explains. “It’s kind of about the moment between being sane and being in love, so this song is like the sensation of falling into the madness of romance with all its unanswerable questions and swells of towering feelings. This remix is flowing, moving and feels very alive to me.” Tiiva has reflected Tiece’s emotional energy through their use of sultry electronics and hazy beats, allowing listeners to fall in love with Tiece’s soft, intoxicating vocals.

“When Tiiva sent me the first draft of their remix I had tingles!” Tiece continues. “This reimagining of my song has inspired ideas for more new music. I love working with Tiiva and I’m very excited to share what we create together. I’m so thrilled to have been able to find each other AND work remotely together despite all the madness of lockdown! It feels so good to be making music, seeing progress, enjoying the process and making friends.”

Producer Tiiva is equally as thrilled about working with Tiece too. Having taken a “deep dive” into the artist’s music, they’ve subtly revealed more of the emotional layers in the original recording and we can’t wait to hear future collaborations from the pair.

Tiece (who is also one half of Girlhood) and Tiiva also contributed tracks to Despicable Zee’s Atigheh Reimagined EP in 2020, which you can check out here.

Listen to the remix of ‘Nowhere, Now Here’ below.

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