LISTEN: L.A. Witch – ‘Gen-Z’

There’s a hazy feeling that comes with listening to the music of Californian trio L.A. Witch. Their grungy vocals and psychedelic guitars have a way of transporting you to the Californian desert with the taste of last night’s whiskey on your breath.

The band have a unique way of combining vintage appeal with fresh subject matter and ‘Gen-Z’ is the perfect example of this. A four minute track inspired by the high suicide rates among Generation Z due to the pressures of existing in a social media age. Of the track, guitarist & vocalist Sade Sanchez expands:

“When I was a kid, music and guitar was my escape. Music was how I fought through my depressions. What will the future do to get through it?… With constant pressure to be perfect and information/advertisements and brainwashing constantly being shoved in your face, you become a product of your environment. ‘Gen-Z’ is about being a slave to technology, specifically to our phones.”

L.A. Witch’s 2017 self-titled debut oozed swagger through its laidback sound, possibly due to the band’s organic and slow-paced songwriting process. But upcoming album Play With Fire came to be under different circumstances; between their hectic touring schedule, studio availability, and the timeline for releasing records, they found themselves with only two months to do the bulk of the writing.

Despite the limited time frame, however, ‘Gen-Z’ showcases a band on top form; with its gritty energy and swirling bewitching haze, it’s a perfectly hypnotic slice of psych-infused desert rock.


Play With Fire, the upcoming album from L.A. Witch, is set for release 21st August via Suicide Squeeze Records. 


Ellie Ball



LISTEN: Tina Boonstra – ‘Out Of My Depth’

Tina Boonstra is the pop-rock star we’ve been needing since the end of the noughties. Her new track, ’Out Of My Depth’, is one to keep you on your toes, as she reflects on trying to keep it together.

Punchy bass and percussion set the scene, keeping it simple and sweet, yet with an added grit. The first chorus is artistically contrasting as the instruments continue to support Boonstra minimally, whilst she sings “I’m out of my depth…”

As the song progresses, you gradually go deeper and deeper into Boonstra’s emotions, as the instrumentals backing her up become more and more complex. Soft harmonies tie you in, and bold guitar chords take you under. And, just when you think she’s coming up for air, another wave hits you with the final chorus.

Needless to say, if I ever need to let off some steam, Tina Boonstra is the girl I’m turning to… And with her next show coming up in April, you will most likely see me there.


‘Out Of My Depth’ is out now. Catch Tina Boonstra live on the following dates:

20th March – Green Note, London (supporting Alessi’s Ark)
29th April – The Shacklewell Arms, London (supporting Annabel Allum)

Robyn Emerson

LISTEN: I Am HER – ‘Big Monster’

Following 2018’s poignant Herstory, alt-punk outfit I Am HER are back with an angst-driven new single.

Reflecting on feelings of anxiety, ‘Big Monster’ oozes a captivating haunting power with shades of the gritty sounds of early PJ Harvey. Propelled by the soaring majesty of Julie Riley’s rousing vocals, it builds to a stirring frenzied anthem, driven by an impassioned force and raw emotion. Of the track, Julie explains:

“… this song was triggered by someone telling me their experience of an anxiety attack. It got me thinking how anxiety/stress is like a beast separate to us that stalks us and preys on us.”

Listen to ‘Big Monster’ now:


Catch I Am HER playing live for us tonight at The Finsbury, along with Piney Gir, Grawl!x and Captain Handsome. All for free!

Mari Lane

LISTEN: – ‘Like Me’

‘Like Me’ is the debut single from, aka Isaac and Sofia, formerly known as MOONOVERSUN. Already fans of their remix of Foxgluvv’s ‘Crush’, we’re loving’s creations and look forward to more where this came from with their upcoming EP set for release in September.

Speaking about their new track, the band explain:

“’Like Me’ is about the trials and tribulations of partying, conflicted minds, learning to enjoy our own company and not losing sight of what we want no matter who/what gets in the way. We want to create pop music that we can party and cry to, something that reflects every heightened emotion during a night out.”

Check out the very catchy ‘Like Me’ here:


Find out more from on Instagram and Twitter.

Tash Walker