Track Of The Day: Twist Helix -‘Vultures’

In a pulsing electro anthem, Newcastle-based Twist Helix make a smashing statement with their third single ‘Vultures’. With eager anticipation of their second studio album Machinery set to come out in November, Twist Helix deliver their listeners an undeniable tease of what catchiness is soon to come with their fall release.

Silky, chorus-like synths are the breath of ‘Vultures’, as the band lyrically depict some of the complexities and afflictions that stem from our music industry. The band explain: “as an artist you’re in an inherently vulnerable position that makes it very easy to be preyed upon.

With so many layers to the meaning behind this statement made by the band, it is truly significant that this discussion be had on a creative practice where it is free to be both safe and light, as well as emotive. For Twist Helix, making a song dance worthy and energising is no matter of contention. With a tasteful blend of post pop melodies, relentless electronic beats, and the band’s cathartic lyrical experience, ‘Vultures’ illustrates its best self with sonic elements that are both shiny and shadowed. With a tasteful, experimental and lush execution, Twist Helix have left us with dancing feet and genuine eagerness with this latest offering.


Machinery, the upcoming album from Twist Helix, is set for release in November.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Jay Dawson (Shutter Productions)

Track Of The Day: BLÓM – ‘Skank Witch’

If you’re a fan of Newcastle’s Tough Tits, you’re definitely going to approve of Blóm, who define themselves as “three cute punks playing pure radge shit.” Together, Erika, Liz and Helen (both formerly Tough Tits) create experimental noise-punk and they’ve shared a devious example of their abilities on latest single ‘Skank Witch’.

Taken from the band’s debut two-track EP POWERFRAU/SKANK WITCH which they released via Hominid Sounds, the new single and accompanying video explore themes of politics, oppression, mental health, abuse and the idea of being an outsider. Embracing the label of “QT punx” (queer/trans punk), Blóm clash masculine & feminine ideals in both their style and aesthetic, projecting chaos, conflict and discomfort onto their audiences whilst simultaneously asking: “does any of it actually fucking matter?”

The band will support their debut launch with a weekend of UK gig dates, followed
by an extended UK summer tour with Newcastle-based noisemakers Okay Champ. Check Blóm’s Facebook page for more details and listen to ‘Skank Witch’ below.

You can purchase Blóm’s 2 track EP from Bandcamp.

Kate Crudgington