PREMIERE: ROE – ‘I Dare You’

Embracing the rush of relief that comes with letting go of unexpected or difficult emotions while you’re in transit, Northern Irish songwriter ROE has shared her latest single ‘I Dare You’. Released via The Music Federation, the track is based on ROE’s own experience of being a touring musician and the balancing act of enjoying these precious opportunities, whilst trying not to be overwhelmed with exhaustion.

“‘I Dare You’ is about all the unpredictable emotions that show up when spending days on end together on the road as musicians,” ROE elaborates on her new single. “It’s an incredibly testing side of this industry that fans don’t get to see. The frustration and tears and uncontrollable laughter. Some days it’s such a joy and other days all you want is to be back in your own bed. It’s always worth it but it’s not always easy. The inevitable drives between shows and home are so ridiculous and difficult and new every time. Staying awake so nobody drives alone and the inescapable stop at the closest McD’s are constant but so much happens in that space.”

Underscored by driving beats, observational lyrics and her clear vocals, ROE’s new single is a snapshot of joyful unrest, which builds to an anthemic chorus full of trumpet fanfares. With ‘I Dare You’, ROE has crafted her own brand of “existential indie-pop,” finding catharsis in surrendering to the pressures of life in its more testing moments, and celebrating it in all its raw, unfiltered glory.

ROE will be performing live tonight (31st) at the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast.

Listen to ‘I Dare You’ below.


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Photo Credit: Megan Doherty 

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: BECAH – ‘Reminders’

With her debut EP Freak on its way, Northern Irish alt-indie artist, BECAH, has released ‘Reminders‘ – an utterly captivating new single. It’s a powerful expression of vulnerability, with honest lyrics and underpinned by brooding instrumentation.

‘Reminders’ is a soundbath of sweet tones, with sweeping synthesisers, jangling guitar and BECAH’s heavenly vocals, all fusing together to build a hypnotic atmosphere. Although there is a fuzzy sweetness in the instrumentation, there is an underlying darkness to the track. It is constantly building and there’s a cinematic drive, reminiscent of bands like Muse. Every instrument seems to create tension, pulsating and building with an epic grandeur.  

BECAH’s combination of powerful instrumentation with her expressive vocals and lyrics is truly poignant; there is an empowering element to the song, revealing a strength in being vulnerable. The subtle layering of their vocals really emphasises this duality. The vocals are tender, almost fragile, but they are layered to create power, whilst still conveying vulnerability. Musically BECAH reveals shades of singer-songwriter greats such as Jeff Buckley, Norah Jones, and contemporaries such as Phoebe Bridgers.

Of the track, BECAH reveals: 

“I wrote ‘Reminders’ in the aftermath of a very toxic relationship with a past girlfriend. The coinciding music video, filmed by Chris McCann and directed by John Dynes and Chris McCann, presents a glimpse into that story – the good times I had with her in the beginning, to its violent turn. The lyrics speak of the struggle I had to feel like myself again, and how all my attempts to push away all the little details and memories of that time felt futile.”

Watch the stirring new video for ‘Reminders’ here:

Freak, the upcoming debut EP from BECAH, is set for release later this year.

Jaz Kelly