LISTEN: Marbee – ‘Music Box’

A nostalgia-tinged reflection on remaining faithful to your childish heart, Jakarta-born Melbourne-based musician Marbee has shared her debut single ‘Music Box’. Self-described as “a free-spirited bird with a punk collar around her neck,” Marbee blends dreamy melodies and soft vocals to create alt-pop tunes that shimmer with gentle optimism.

Proving that your imagination can flourish in young adulthood if you continue to nurture it with the same tenacity you do throughout childhood, ‘Music Box’ is Marbee’s musical statement about freedom of expression. “I intend to awaken happy and nostalgic feelings from childhood, mixed with shades of ‘rain and thunder’,” she explains, acknowledging that life isn’t always as sweet as her vocals suggest. “The repetitive melody imitates the cyclical tone of the music box,” she continues, “evoking the protective, albeit fragile shelter of human relations, as well as the enchanting and lulling attraction of music in its simplest mechanical form.”

Marbee’s appetite for exploration took her to a 100 year-old building to capture the “ancient atmospherics” of the xylophone that features on the track. Her playful outlook, attention to detail and willingness to try new things makes her debut offering ring with a simple, joyful charm.

Listen to ‘Music Box’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

PREMIERE: The Yves – ‘Golden Days’

A shimmering, nostalgic musing about inevitably progressing from youth to adulthood, LA-based indie duo The Yves have shared their latest single ‘Golden Days’. Full of soft guitar sounds, tender vocals and reflective lyrics, the track provides a sunny moment of respite during a time of universal uncertainty.

“’Golden Days’ is one of those songs that was started and finished in about an hour,” explains vocalist Stevie Perry. “Initially, we thought that maybe the song was too soft, or too endearing to actually release. Probably because it was about vulnerable, intimate thoughts I had and I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to show that side of myself. Selfishly, I like to keep a little distance or allure to things- maybe as a form of self-preservation.”

“But of course, that’s not our job as artists,” Perry continues. “Our job is to dredge up those feelings that we all have and shed some light on them. And as a listener, I always think the best kinds of songs are the ones that are most vulnerable and raw. So it’s only right that we put it out. It’s hard to talk about getting older and growing up. I sometimes wish I could freeze a day or moment and have it forever. I mean, I think we all do that. So that’s what I hope people get from it. A little minute freeze-framed in your mind when you listen.”

Along with guitarist Jake Randle, Perry has crafted a gentle alt-folk gem that proves rose-tinting your memories isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it’s what makes them so precious. Listen to ‘Golden Days’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: GIHE x Riot Grrrl Day x Record Store Day 11.04.19

Due to the current lockdown/coronavirus situation, we’re unable to make it in to the Hoxton Radio studio to broadcast our live new music show from 7-9pm for the foreseeable future.

We have plenty of past shows to share with you though! We’re sharing previous recordings as #ThrowbackThursday sessions, so you can still enjoy 2 hours of new music, and chats with some of our favourite artists each week.

Today, we’ve picked our April 2019 show that celebrated Record Store Day (13th April) and Riot Grrrl Day (9th April). We know RSD has been cancelled this year, but we’re treating this as an opportunity to reminisce, and to get excited about being able to browse in record shops again when this is all over.

Music highlights come from Art School Girlfriend, Elsa Hewitt, Soccer Mommy, LibraLibra, Velvet Volume Zoey Lily – as well as feminist punk classics from Bikini Kill and X-Ray Spex.

Listen back to the show here:

Featured Artists
Medicine, Robin Guthrie (The Crow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Art School Girlfriend
Velvet Volume
X-Ray Spex
Elsa Hewitt
Soccer Mommy
Bikini Kill
Fever Ray
Sister John
Courtney Barnett
Zoey Lily

LISTEN: Aunty Social – ‘Cortex’

Overcoming nasty memories with the help of an unlikely fictional character, Aunty Social‘s latest single ‘Cortex’ is a gentle, upbeat offering. The song is lifted from her upcoming debut EP, The Day My Brain Broke, which is set for release on 6th March.

The Toronto-based bedroom-pop artist chose to look to 90s game Crash Bandicoot to help work through her trauma. Aunty Social (aka Daniela Gitto) explains further: “I decided to imagine the person who caused a lot of trauma in my life as the fictional enemy of Crash Bandicoot, named Cortex. When I was a child, I was so encompassed by the game that I would imagine all my peers as characters from it. My best friend would be imagined as CoCo Bandicoot, and anyone that did me harm would be Cortex. The song is bright and uplifting, so I decided to challenge that by masking the negative subject matter with childlike innocence.”

Gitto’s dark context on ‘Cortex’ contrasts well with her buoyant beats and video game analogies, giving the track a nostalgic glow. It’s laced with her soft vocals and summery synth sounds, easing the complex feelings explored in her lyrics.

Listen to ‘Cortex’ below, and follow Aunty Social on Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington