LISTEN: GIHE on Soho Radio with Ailbhe Reddy 27.07.22

Tash and Kate were back on Soho Radio’s airwaves playing loads of new music from some of their favourite female, non-binary and LGBTQIA+ artists, and Mari offered some of her “musical musings” too. They discussed some of the artists nominated for this year’s Mercury Prize (Nova Twins, Wet Leg and Self Esteem) and laughed their way through Kate’s traumatic Ethel Cain-based nightmare.

Irish songwriter Ailbhe Reddy joined them to talk about her latest single ‘A Mess’, her debut album Personal History and her recent appearances at The Great Escape, Latitude and Visions festival. They also spoke about the Avril Lavigne tribute night Ailbhe hosted in Dublin to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Let Go. Listen out for her excellent rendition of the ‘rap’ part in ‘Nobody’s Fool’. #ImNotTheMilkAndCheeriosInYourSpoon

Listen back below:


Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness
Yves Tumor – Gospel For a New Century
Miya Folick – Nothing to See
Big Joanie – Happier Still
Ethel Cain – Family Tree (Intro)
Nova Twins – Cleopatra
Brutus – Dust
Real Big Sky – Another Day
The Mars Volta – Blacklight Shine
Lynks – Hey Joe (Relax)
Ailbhe Reddy – A Mess
**Interview with Ailbhe Reddy**
SOAK – Guts
M(h)aol – Bored Of Men
Bad Sidekick – Daily Lottery
Hanya – Amateur Professional
Minerva – Dead
Bonnie Banane – CDA
Muna Ileiwat – Pity Party
Hannah Schneider – It’s The Season
Maria Uzor ft. Emily Winng – Winner
Currls – Honey
Self Esteem – I Do This All The Time
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Spitting off the edge of the world
ARXX – Deep
Fraulein – And I Go (La La La)
Lady Gaga – Stupid Love

WATCH: Ailbhe Reddy – ‘A Mess’

A lighthearted reflection on an early, chaotic relationship, Irish-born, London-based alt-folk artist Ailbhe Reddy has shared her latest single ‘A Mess’. Full of energetic guitar riffs, relatable lyrics and Reddy’s clear vocals, the track is a buoyant rumination on the cyclical nature of bad habits and a lively effort to move past them.

Following on from her recent single ‘Inhaling’ and her tender, intuitive debut album Personal History (2020), on ‘A Mess’ Reddy continues to balance the bittersweet nature of romantic relationships with her earnest and relatable lyrics. “The song is about not feeling good enough in a relationship and examining old patterns and habits,” she explains. “It’s about feeling fed up of going around in circles, while focusing on a throw away comment.”

Whilst the repetition of the title lyric could sting if it was delivered differently, Reddy claims it as a lighthearted label, accepting that youth and inexperience are all part of the learning process when it comes to forming healthy relationships. This humour is reflected in the single’s accompanying video, which sees Reddy fishing and dressed up as a surgeon, trying to dissect the moment that led to the relationship being branded ‘A Mess’.

“The video was directed by Georgia Kelly of CLTV,” she explains (an Irish production company who have created for videos Fontaines D.C., Denise Chaila, Pillow Queens and Inhaler.) “I wanted to keep the playfulness of the music alive in the video and make sure it was tongue and cheek rather than very serious. Georgia came up with a few scenarios that were funny representations of feeling ‘not good enough’ and giving up.”

Ailbhe Reddy will be performing at Visions Festival and Latitude this summer, with more live dates due to be announced soon.

Watch the video for ‘A Mess’ below.

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Photo Credit: Collective Dublin (CLTV)

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Ailbhe Reddy – ‘Looking Happy’

Transforming the crushing sadness that comes with seeing your ex “enjoying” their life on social media into a buoyant alt-folk gem, Ailbhe Reddy has shared her latest single ‘Looking Happy’. Lifted from her upcoming debut album Personal History, which is set for release on 2nd October, the track taps into the feelings of inadequacy we all experience when the FOMO unexpectedly hits whilst we’re scrolling through our ex’s newsfeed.

“We should all know by now that what people present online is a shiny happy version of events, but sometimes it’s impossible to have that logic when you’re hurting,” explains the Dublin-based musician. “Most people have probably ended up scrolling through the online profile of an ex and feeling like their life is full of fun parties and holidays, because that’s all people show of their life online.” Reddy’s willingness to expose these well known but often ignored behaviours is what makes ‘Looking Happy’ so painfully relatable.

Fortunately, Reddy has given fans a healthy dose of humour to offset the track’s sad context in the form of a child’s birthday party in the accompanying video for ‘Looking Happy’. “I’ve been to a lot of parties in my life where I feel bummed out but put on a happy face, so I thought it would be funny to have all these fun scenarios and look really glum,” she explains. “The blooper reel is definitely longer than the music video itself as it was incredibly difficult to keep a straight face on the bouncy castle!”

Watch the video for ‘Looking Happy’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Ailbhe Reddy – ‘Between Your Teeth’

A tentative rumination on the struggle to communicate your true feelings in a relationship, Ailbhe Reddy has shared her latest single ‘Between Your Teeth’. Lifted from her debut album Personal History, which is set for release on 2nd October via Friends of the Family, the Dublin alt-folk artist blends soft vocals with atmospheric guitars to overcome feelings of frustration and sadness on her new track.

“I think too much / I think for both of us” admits Reddy during the song, contemplating how or when to explain her complex feelings to her partner. Although the track is about a lack of communication between two people, Reddy clearly articulates this struggle with the intimate images in her lyrics – “I can’t hide it anymore / Just to hold her / on the bathroom floor / wait til it’s over” – and her delicately timed drop ins.

Speaking about her new track, Reddy explains: “It’s about the frustration of being unable to communicate in a relationship. Both people hold things back because they either don’t want, or don’t know, how to express themselves. While travelling alone, I always spent a lot of time thinking too much about past conversations and wondering what words were being held back between another person’s teeth.”

Listen to ‘Between Your Teeth’ below and follow Ailbhe Reddy on bandcamp, Spotify & Facebook for more updates.


Kate Crudgington