LISTEN: In Earnest – ‘Put Me Under’

A tentative, gentle “stock take” of the mind; alt-indie trio In Earnest have shared their latest single, ‘Put Me Under’. The track is inspired by the struggles vocalist Sarah has experienced with her mental health, and acts as an encouraging nod for others to open up about their own issues.

Based in Southend-On-Sea, In Earnest formed in early 2019 after band members Sarah and Thomas left their previous outfit, Carousel. Together with new addition Toby, the trio began to focus on writing poignant tracks based on personal experiences, and recorded in an “organic” setting – captured live without click tracks or autotune. ‘Put Me Under’ is the first example of this, and is lifted from their upcoming EP.

Sarah extrapolates on the context of the new single, which is written from her perspective: “I suffer from chronic anxiety and depression, to the point where I can’t hold down jobs or be left alone for too long. In my loneliness I am awash with negative thoughts. The song is about feeling overcome by an invisible illness, but knowing it’s a lot easier to cope in the company of a dog.”

Sarah’s soft voice and confessional lyrics are paired beautifully with Thomas & Toby’s acoustic and electric guitar parts, allowing the trio to gently explore an intimate, and difficult issue. Listen to ‘Put Me Under’ below, and follow In Earnest on Spotify and Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington