Get In Her Ears Live at The Shacklewell Arms w/ Fightmilk, 24.03.2022

On Friday, we were back at The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston with a total dream of a line-up. Fightmilk, Bitch Hunt and Sassyhiya treated us to a joyous few hours of live music. Huge thanks to them all, and to all the lovely folk who came out to support them and fill the venue… We’re still feeling all the feels, and are extremely grateful to everyone who made it such a beautiful night.

First up, Sassyhiya offer up their uplifting, jangly post-punk. Consisting of two former members of Barry (Kathy and Helen) plus Neil and Pablo, the band’s first ever gig proves to be a great success as the crowd smile and sway along to their twinkling hooks and buoyant, quirky energy.

Having last played live at a gig for us back in October 2019, it’s such a joy to welcome Bitch Hunt back to the stage. And what a wonderful return to live music it is. Radiating a blissful, cathartic energy they fill the venue with their scuzzy punk-pop offerings covering poignant topics ranging from men taking up too much space, to reflections on being non-binary and stirring odes to loved ones no longer with us. A truly euphoric set from these First Timers Fest alumni.

Headlining the night are Bitch Hunt’s Reckless Yes label mates, and total faves, Fightmilk. The third time they’ve played for us, it’s an utter delight to finally see them perform some of the tracks from their latest album Contender live, as well as some old favourites (and a couple of surprise covers!). Blasting out their anthemic indie-pop with an endearing tongue-in-cheek wit, each offering fizzes with the band’s trademark vibrant energy and colourful charisma. From fuzzy love songs to tirades against Elon Musk and bridezillas, Fightmilk bring a refreshing honesty and gritty raw emotion to their jangling melodies and the smooth-yet-husky charm of front-person Lily’s vocals, showcasing their ability to continuously refine their sound and, in the process, consistently continue to win my heart. Plus, I don’t think I ever thought I’d be aged 35 and in a venue filled with people joyously dancing and singing along to Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, but I was and it was pretty magnificent.

Huge love and thanks again to all three bands who played for us on Friday, and to everyone who came out to share the music and good vibes. We’re taking a little break next month, but will be back at the Shacklewell Arms on 6th May with the return of The Menstrual Cramps, supported by pink suits and Queen Cult – nab your tickets on DICE now.

Photos: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto
Words: Mari Lane / @marimindles

Five Favourites: Queen Cult

Following acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing for their debut single ‘Shindigger‘, and support for their resonant latest single ‘A Song About Consent’, Cheshire band Queen Cult have been fast making a name for themselves. Consisting of front person Maisie Johnson and bassist Leila Jacklin, as well as Brodie Carson on drums and Piers Jarvis on guitar, the band pride themselves on their LGBTQ+ identity and sharing their queer, politically-charged messages with the masses. Having released their debut EP earlier this year, they have now shared an epic new video for single ‘Calm’, showcasing the band’s seething energy and immense, angst-fuelled drive as they make a fiercely impassioned proclamation to stand up to the patriarchy.

We think one of the best ways to get to know an artist is by asking what music inspires them. So, to celebrate the release of their new video, we caught up with Queen Cult to ask about their “Five Favourites” – five of the songs that they’re loving right now. Read about their choices and watch the immense new video for ‘Calm’ at the end of this article!

Childish Gambino – ‘Redbone’
I mean the whole album Awaken, My Love! could have been used for all my five favourites, however we landed on ‘Redbone’ for first choice. It’s sonically pleasing and incredibly well written and produced, with a sense of unpredictability as to where the song is going to go as it plays on, it’s a tune we could never get sick of.

Thundercat – ‘Dragonball Durag’
I mean you can’t not dance to it can you? Again, other very well produced song with catchy, wavey vocals. On top of that – we can’t get enough of that bass-line. And with that, the song is also relatively introspective due to its humorous lyrics that get utterly stuck in your head.

Low Hum – ‘Comatose’
This laid back, pleasingly sleazy song is the perfect warm evening driving song. With a strong bass line and eclectic guitar motifs throughout – you can’t go wrong with it regardless of whatever mood you so happen to be in. Despite the sad nature of the lyrics, by the end of the song you can end up feeling at peace.

Wolf Alice – ‘Lipstick on the Glass’
From their album Blue Weekend, this is a song that when we first heard it we couldn’t stop playing it. From the ethereal vocals to the eclectic layered guitar parts, it catches you off guard when you first set your ears to it and from then, you’ll be addicted.

Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser – ‘All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun’
This song is held deep in my (Maisie’s) heart. As a demo that was leaked and not even a fully formed song at this point, it has its own charm. A timeless chorus with a chord progression you could have circling for hours. Elizabeth’s vocals soar through with pure power and emotion that makes your face screw up (but in a good way), and Jeff’s harmonies make it so sweet. Could never ever get sick of this song and the nostalgia it makes you feel for a time when you weren’t even born…

Massive thanks to Queen Cult for sharing their Five Favourites with us! Watch the new video for ‘Calm’ below, and make sure you catch them playing live for us at The Shacklewell Arms on 6th May, supporting The Menstrual Cramps. Tickets here.

Photo Credit: Debbie Ellis

Get In Her Ears Live @ The Shacklewell Arms w/ Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business, 24.02.2022

Last Thursday, we were back at The Shacklewell Arms in Dalston, and what a dream of a night it was! Overcoming cancellations and changes of line-up, and at a time when we’re all struggling with everything going on in the world, it really was the wonderful musical catharsis we all needed. Huge thanks to the three totally amazing bands who played, and to all the lovely folk who came out to support them and fill the venue… We’re still feeling all the feels, and are extremely grateful to everyone who made it such a beautiful night.

Opening the night, duo Elena and Kyle, aka all cats are beautiful (ACAB, if you will), treat us to their truly dreamy whimsical allure. Delivering their utterly unique ‘sad dance tunes’ (plus a particularly moving cover of Daniel Johnston’s ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’) with a captivating energy, they offer a perfect fusion of immersive heartfelt emotion and uplifting grace.

Next up, Sheffield band Potpourri make their London debut. Walking onto the stage to a self-recorded calming guided meditation, the colourful trio deliver their wonderfully quirky offerings with a vibrant energy and endearing wit. With a sweeping, jazz-infused groove alongside catchy bass hooks and luscious shimmering vocals, the set brings a perfectly blissful interlude to the day’s worries.

Headlining the night, Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business deliver a special, stripped-back set, due to members of the full band that had been planned sadly not being able to make it because of illness. However, despite the last minute changes to both line-up and instrumentation that Jenny had to make, what’s delivered is something truly wonderful. Accompanied by four other vocalists, and occasional violin and bass parts, she sits at the piano delivering each spellbinding anthem with a raw honesty and sparkling charisma. Combining a heartfelt emotion with some much-needed laughs, it’s the perfect musical tonic – a beautifully rousing catharsis.

Massive love and thanks to all three bands who made Thursday such a joyous night! Join us back at The Shacklewell Arms next month, on 25th March, with headliners Fightmilk, Bitch Hunt and Sassyhiya – get your tickets here.

Photos: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto
Words: Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Amaroun – ‘Floating’

Having previously received acclaim from the likes of BBC 6Music and BBC Music Introducing, and having charmed our ears with luscious offerings such as ‘Rise’ and ‘Scarlet‘, GIHE fave Amaroun has now announced the release of her upcoming debut album, and we could not be more excited!

Taken from the album, latest single ‘Floating‘ flows with the effervescent emotion of Amaroun’s vocals alongside twinkling keys to create an utterly euphoric soundscape. Floating into the ears with a soothing, stirring splendour, it offers a short – but exceedingly sweet – taste of what’s to come from the upcoming album. If you need a blissful interlude to the stresses of every day life, then look no further; immerse yourself in the shimmering, soulful sounds of this truly heavenly creation.

‘Floating’ will be followed by three more singles before Amaroun’s debut album, Mars, is released on 3rd June. Of the album, Amaroun explains: “Mars is a trip into my experience navigating this mad world as a black queer woman, it’s about feeling down, getting up and coming out.

Mari Lane