LISTEN: Mykki Blanco (feat. Devendra Banhart) – ‘You Will Find It’

Mykki Blanco really doesn’t need any introduction from us. Queer pioneer and musician/rapper extraordinaire they have been an inspiration for the GIHE team for quite some time, and dazzled us with their live performance more than once. So, I’ve surprised myself by only just coming across their latest track, which was released back in April; I must have missed it amongst everything else going on at the moment. But I couldn’t not share it, just in case any of our followers – like me – missed it at the time too. It’s too wonderful not to. You need this in your ears. Better late than never, and definitely most needed right now.

Teaming up with ethereal musician Devendra Banhart and producer FaltyDL, ‘You Will Find It’ oozes a glistening, soulful splendour as shimmering hooks and swirling atmospherics provide the backdrop for Blanco’s trademark gritty power. Replacing their usual driving, glitchy energy with a haunting, soothing aura, with the help of Banhart and FaltyDL, they have created a perfect tranquil interlude; an alluring soundscape to immerse yourself in and find blissful cathartic release.

Of the track, Blanco expands:

“‘You Will Find It’ is a meditation. I don’t believe that everything spiritual has to feel so heavy and serious; I feel the opposite, actually. If people associated prayer with laughter, if prayer was made to feel sensual and funny and bitchy and ordinary, then I think more people would be comfortable acknowledging some kind of personal divine connection. This song is about exploring that connection: I should be able to smoke a joint with God and just chill a bit.”

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Matt Lambert

LISTEN: Amaroun – ‘Rise’

Having received support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins, GIHE fave Jay Brown – aka Amaroun – returns to grace our ears with the fifth in a string of new singles she is releasing each month.

Flowing with shimmering hooks and glitchy beats alongside Brown’s rich, emotion-strewn vocals, ‘Rise’ continues the theme of being a queer woman, which has run throughout each of the tracks she’s released this year. Oozing a stirring, effervescent power, juxtaposed with a gritty energy, it’s a truly poignant reflection on rising up against oppression.

Of the track, Amaroun explains:

When you fall or get knocked down, do not stay down, do not let them hold you down,  rise up, rise up against oppression. If you are marginalised, if you are queer, it’s hard out there! Tell your story proudly, see yourself, your change and your journey as beautiful and as growth. You are an ever changing authentic being so just be exactly that.


Co-written with Boris Labant, ‘Rise’ is out now.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Alice Bag – ‘Spark’

Having wowed us a couple of years back with her all-star anthem about the gender pay gap – ’77’, prolific punk legend Alice Bag is back with the announcement of a brand new album, and we could not be more excited.

Ahead of the album’s release, she has now shared lead single ‘Spark’. A song about acceptance and self-love, it’s propelled by gritty hooks and a punk-fuelled frenzied energy as the raw power of Bag’s vocals rage with a passion. Asserting “Hell no, I’m not dimming my spark!”, she oozes an uplifting burst of empowering strength in the face of adversity; a wonderfully vibrant and super catchy celebration of queer culture and the joy that comes with being able to express your true self.

Of the new video for ‘Spark’, which stars winner of Dragula Season 1 – Vander Von Odd, Bag explains:

I reached out to director Rudy Bleu Garcia, who along with Hex Ray Sanchez run Club SCUM, a favorite nightclub/performance space for queer punks in East LA. In the early days of SCUM, Rudy invited me to do a DJ set with Allison Wolfe. The turntables were in a tiny backstage area which also served as the queens’ dressing room. I literally bumped into Vander Von Odd in that little space and was immediately smitten by this beautiful, charming queen. I’m honored that Vander agreed to star in this music video. The queerest of the queer, Dragula season 1 winner, Vander truly embodies the message of the song. Except for the mouth breathing part, that’s just about me.”

Sister Dynamite, the upcoming new album from Alice Bag, is set for release 8th May via In The Red Records.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Denée Segall

Video Premiere: Bitch Hunt – ‘Spaceman’

Since first meeting at Roller Derby, London based all queer/non-binary band Bitch Hunt formed at First Timers Fest, and have been going from strength to strength ever since; last October impressing us at GIHE us with their immense live set at The Finsbury. Now, ahead of the release of a split cassette with fellow GIHE faves adults, the band have shared a brand new video.

Filled with catchy, scuzzy hooks, a subtle tongue-in-cheek wit and the gritty deadpan vocals of front person Sian, ‘Spaceman’ is an observational and relatable slice of punk-pop. With Bitch Hunt’s trademark impassioned energy and swirling harmonies, it’s a spot-on reflection on the sickening arrogance of all those cis male ‘splainers and ‘spreaders we so often have to endure in our day to day lives. An uplifting raging anthem inspiring us all to take those men down a peg (or four).

Watch the fantastic new DIY video for ‘Spaceman’ here:

The adults / Bitch Hunt split cassette is out now via For The Sake Of Tapes. Order from Bandcamp.

Mari Lane