Track Of The Day: Beorma – ‘Her’

A bittersweet, sultry tune lamenting the pain and confusion that comes with heartache, Birmingham-based duo Beorma have shared their latest single ‘Her’. Mixing R&B and indie pop sensibilities with a Prince inspired guitar solo, the track is a smooth, melancholy-tinged reflection on absent love.

Formed of Tom and Ferns, Beorma performed separately in different bands before they began working together during lockdown in 2020. Sending ideas back and forth online, the duo’s collaboration led to the creation of their debut EP Virtual Emotionality, which they released at the end of January. Now, the pair have shared their new single ‘Her’ which captures the inner conflicts of desire and the need for distance when it comes to a breakup.

“’Her’ is probably our most soulful song,” Ferns explains. “I really wanted to just lay it bare on vocals and nothing too fancy, just more about trying to channel raw emotion. Prince is a huge inspiration to me so that’s kinda the vibe I was going for whilst still making it very Beorma emo through the lyrics. I think it’s a really relatable song, we’ve all been through some sort of heartache and it’s never easy, especially not when you’re the cause of it. ‘Her’ is essentially a soulful breakup.”

“‘Her’ is a song that felt like it took forever to finish,” Tom continues. “I had the core of it sorted and sent it to Ferns quite early on in Beorma days, but the structure just never felt right, then at some point Ferns suggested a Prince type guitar solo after the first chorus and it all just fell into place after we put the guitar in there and now it’s one of our favourite songs.”

Listen to ‘Her’ below

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Noha Saré – ‘Lost’

An evocative alt-pop tune that embraces vulnerability and smoulders with assertiveness, Amsterdam-based songwriter Noha Saré has shared her latest single ‘Lost’. Taken from her upcoming EP which is set for release later this year, the track fuses elements of R&B and electro-pop alongside Noha’s soulful vocals to reflect the way in which our moods shift when we’re contemplating our future.

“Everybody has their own demons and it’s okay to talk about it,” Noha explains. “Almost everyone has struggled with not knowing who they are, what they really want in life or where they’re headed. I got better in finding peace with who I am, including all the ups and downs, by accepting that it is okay to be scared and insecure and it’s okay to not know where you’re heading”. Through her atmospheric beats and smooth vocals, Noha makes a musical truce with her inner turmoil and leans into the unknown with impressive flair.

‘Lost’ is also accompanied by a striking set of visuals, directed by Noha’s best friend and visual artist Izak Berman. “My internal fight is embodied by 8 female performers,” she explains. “Two of them engage in a game of attraction and repulsion. The video shows an enchanting oscillation between pleasure and pain, past and future, hope and disbelief. Within a surreal composition, which seems to be somewhere between a dream and reality, showing the obscure side of my world.”

Watch the video for ‘Lost’ below.

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Photo: Kick van Doorn

Kate Crudgington