Track Of The Day: Madame So – ‘Real Friends’

An off-kilter reflection on how friendships change and develop over the course of time, Madame So has shared her latest single ‘Real Friends’. Following on from previous releases ‘Generation Y’, ‘You Say’ and ‘Who Are We To Judge?’ this new offering sees the Paris-born, London-based songwriter tackle the ever-evolving ways we prioritise and reassess our existing relationships.

“This song is about how some friendships can be very superficial, and how some people can be very fickle in their interactions with others and use them to pass-time and/or as playground companions,” Madame So explains. Full of her distinctive vocals, energetic rhythms and eccentric riffs, Madame So reaches the mature realisation that there’s “no U-turn on good memories” once a friendship has reached its expiry date, and that it’s better to move on alone than to drag it out any longer.

Whilst the song deals with a weighty subject, Madame So approaches it with her trademark fun and fierce style, moving past her troubles in a defiant and articulate manner. ‘Real Friends’ comes at a time when we’re all reconsidering the most important parts of our friendships, and it’s a slick observation on how we progress past the obstacles that affect them.

The single is accompanied by a colourful lyric video created by Tomas Santos that you can watch below.

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Kate Crudgington