LISTEN: CRISP&CLASSY – ‘Boom Bay’ (Kat Knix Remix)

Having been big fans of Feminist LGBTQIA+ electro-pop duo CRISP&CLASSY since the release of their joyous debut album  XTRA CRISPY last year, we were excited to hear that they will be sharing a special remix EP, The XTRA CRISPY Remixes, this month.

Taken from the EP comes a vibrant rendition of ‘Boom Bay‘, remixed by none other than the band’s own Kat Knix. Having been featured on The Knife’s own remix album back in 2014, Knix has gone on to build her reputation as a DJ and producer, delivering epic sets across the dance music scene throughout the UK and Europe.

Propelled by glitchy beats and danceable hooks, Knix’s remix of the colourful track shines a light on ‘Boom Bay’s frenzied reggaeton energy and swirling, euphoric spirit. With the zesty addition of racing, staccato beats and choppy vocal samples, it maintains all the sensuous, soulful drive of the original with a blissful yet dark deep-house pizazz. Another playful offering, showcasing all the genre and gender bending magnificence of this wonderfully sassy duo.

Listen to Kat Knix’s remix of ‘Boom Bay’ here:

Kat Knix’s remix of CRISP&CLASSY’s ‘Boom Bay’ is out now. And, also featuring the likes of Lizette Lizette, Arnie Wrong and High Cheru, the full album The XTRA CRISPY Remixes is set for release later this month.

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Introducing Interview: Louise DaCosta

Raised in Derry, Northern Irish DJ and producer Louise DaCosta has written and released music with multiple labels and toured internationally, and achieved commercial chart successes over the last few years. In 2019 she decided to start up her own label and has been continuing to fly high ever since.

Now, teaming up with collaborative dance project Camden Place, Louise has released a shimmering remix of ‘A Life In Photos‘.

We spoke to Louise to find out more!

Hi Louise, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I started DJ-ing and running events over ten years ago when I was still in my teens, and learned my craft in my amazing hometown venue – RedRooms Derry, supporting the likes of Calvin Harris, Claude Von Stroke & Benny Benassi whilst still finishing my A levels! I then went on to Queens University and took up residency in Kelly’s/Lush Portrush, Envy Derry (the North West’s only LGBTQ nightclub) and other venues across the country for a few years. I then began touring nationally – playing all the major clubs, student nights and venues all across Ireland including headlining the Wright Venue! I then began to write and release music working with a variety of labels and began touring internationally across Europe, Asia UK & UAE. To date I’ve had three consecutive Number ones on Beatport, tens of top tens and top 20 commercial chart success also. After working with many labels and studios I decided I wanted to be in control of my own music. I launched my own label DaCosta Records in 2019 for dance electronic releases and then sister label DaCosta Rocks to release indie/alternative/rock with a major push on homegrown talent! We’ve now over 250 releases across both labels with huge radio play and critical acclaim for our artists. I launched the label with my debut album ‘Vim Vitae’ with accompanying art and featured it at various virtual exhibitions last year.

How did first start making music?
Initially I was a DJ, and I took my inspiration from the dance floor, then I got my first copy of Ableton and started crafting mash-ups for my sets, then remixes, then my own tracks!

Your new remix of Camden Place’s ‘A Life In Photos’ is out now – can you tell us about the production process?
As with any remix I’ll listen to the track and see what direction it’s possible to take it in! How the song made me feel, what were the core elements and themes etc. Then I’d listen to the vocals in isolation and try to build a narrative or a picture from there that’s still consistent with the original theme. I choose which parts of the track I think will work in the remix and use those. Then, like a sort of colour palette, I try to create elements or colours that complement that vibe. As someone with synthesia I see music in colour, so the track will be one or two major colours, then I’ll build around that some complimentary shades/sounds to create what I think is a full audio representation of how I visualise the track.

You’ve been compared to the likes of  Kaskade and Kudu Blue, but who would you say are your main musical influences?
Wow, what lovely comparisons, thank you very much! I think you’re influenced by anything you hear really, but these are some of my faves: David Bowie, Kate Bush, Talking Heads, Blondie, Lady Gaga, Prodigy, Hot Chocolate, Daft Punk, TJR, Nirvana, Lykke Li, Franz Ferdinand, Xinobi, MSTRKRFT, Justice. I could go on and on… Too many to mention!

In ‘normal times’, how is your local music scene?
Unfortunately things are very quiet at the moment due to restrictions, but usually yes! Just before lockdown started we threw DaCosta Records 2nd Birthday in our home town Derry, which was amazing! So hopefully we can get back to this again soon.

And what can fans expect from your live shows?
Massive energy, best night of your life! Great craic! You should come and find out… Until then check my Insta videos for a wee idea!

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any new/upcoming artists or DJs you’d recommend we check out?
We’ve signed lots of new amazing talent over at DaCosta Records (Dance/Electronic) and DaCosta Rocks (Indie/Alt/Rock). It would be hard to single out just a few, so please do check them out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc. We are also currently accepting demos and always happy to feature new music on our radio show too, so if any of your readers would like to hit us up, please do at

And how do you feel the music industry is for new artists and DJs at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
The lack of live shows is making it very difficult for everyone at the moment. However technology/social media is helping bridge some gaps, but you do need to connect with your audience. So, at the moment, music is the answer as you can keep releasing and relating to your fans with your music, but hopefully we can all do it live again soon! 

Finally, what does the rest of 2021 have in store for Louise DaCosta?
A lot! Some of the exciting things include: A new album, DreamBoats & DiscoBots to be released later this year; a weekly radio show every Friday on Global Radio Cork; an exclusive mix for BBC Introducing next month; I’m currently working on a film soundtrack project; DaCosta records are running some DJing classes; writing and & releasing lots more fun happy music… And, if things return to normal, I will resume touring and hopefully be playing my new music everywhere!

Massive thanks to Louise for answering our questions!

‘A Life In Photos’ (Louise DaCosta Remix) is out now via DaCosta Records.

Video Premiere: Bugeye – ‘Don’t Stop’ (Feral Five Reset Remix)

Celebrating the first anniversary of their incredible debut album Ready Steady Bang, GIHE faves Bugeye have collaborated with some of the UK’s most creative DJs, producers, and bands to cook up an exciting charity remix album, kicking off with newly refreshed single ‘Don’t Stop’, remixed by Feral Five.

The electro duo have brilliantly drawn out the synth tingles and stomping beat of the original track, propelling ‘Don’t Stop’ into the realms of a club banger; all glittering tambourines and charged guitar licks.

Of the collaboration, Feral Five explain: “We love Bugeye! Ready Steady Bang is an absolute instant classic album. The chance to get our hands on one of the tunes and Feralize the freak out of it was irresistible”. ‘Feralized’ is an apt descriptor; Angela Martin’s formidable vocals have been perfectly spliced up into a commanding siren call to the dance-floor, ramping up the sparkly beats of electro whilst highlighting the song’s grunge-fuelled rock roots.

If an album of reinvented tunes wasn’t enough, all profits of the remixes will be donated to Newham charity The Magpie Project, fighting against mother and child homelessness. Angela from Bugeye explains: “Our debut album is very dear to our hearts so being able to explore new possibilities across a number of genres was dead exciting to us. We feel blown away that so many talented people wanted to work with us too. Being able to do this for a Newham charity was very important. Paula and I grew up there. It was, and still is a very poor area, one of the poorest in the UK. We know we’re not going to change the world with just one remix album, but if we can help even a single family sleep safe and sound at night, we will have achieved something incredible“.

Accompanying the ‘Don’t Stop’ remix is psychedelic brand new video. Artfully constructed with vibrant, trippy imagery, it’s a perfect visualisation of the track’s swirling euphoric energy; a completely immersive experience for eyes and ears alike. Watch the video, for the first time, here:

 Ready Steady Remix, the new remixed album from Bugeye, is set for release 9th July, and also features remixes from the likes of Robyn and The Maw Experiment, amongst many more. Pre-order from bandcamp or pre-save here.

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Photo Credit: Keira Cullinane

LISTEN: ARXX – ‘DEEP’ (Alice Go Remix)

The characteristic mark of an Alice Go remix is the heart that goes into it. It is clear that her work is a gesture of love for the tracks and artists that get her personal treatment.

As much as any other song, this is true of her recent remix of ARXX’s ‘Deep‘. It retains the core components that made the original a powerful alt-pop anthem, but preserves those raw elements in Go’s own way.

The Dream Wife guitarist’s remix comes in more gradually. The original’s punchy start is replaced by a smoother opening that eases you into the meat of the song and allows it to carry you off on a wave. It takes ARXX’s growling guitar and rich vocals and cleverly weaves moments of quiet around them. This creates a delicious tension in the early bars that swoops fluidly into the juicier midsection.

The vocals have been treated with a touch of autotune in a way that plays into Hanni’s natural talent as a singer as well as lending itself to Go’s new feel for the track.

The remix is stripped back, with a subtler beat that throbs beneath the melody. The song is changed enough that the experience of listening to it is distinctly different. But all the elements that make the original so powerful are still there, only bared in a sharp new way.

You can listen to another special remix of ‘Deep‘ from Brighton band LIME’s Annie, and keep your eyes and eyes peeled for a new one from Linda Burrato!

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Photo Credit: Jessie Morgan