WATCH: HAWXX – ‘Hologram’

Anthemic choruses collide with dystopian wonderings in this high-energy latest single by London-based metal quartet HAWXX

A perfect musical introduction to their upcoming EP You’re Only As Loud As You Shout Right Now, ‘Hologram’ kicks off with a dose of mystical reverb before crashing into hard-hitting drums and spiralling electric riffs. HAWXX’s high-adrenaline vocals veer between classic metal exhilaration and eerie whispers, as the energy builds and builds to plunge back into perfect breakdowns that dance between hazy riffs and punishing bass. Accompanied by a futuristic video drenched in sci-fi glam, the lyrics speak of the menacing future of social media – the dark side to our late-night scrolling habits in search of likes and dopamine hits.

HAWXX explain: “’Hologram’ is a song about the looming dystopia of social media. We curate and self-edit to create well packaged yet hollow versions of ourselves. The entire meaning of identity has shifted. Our relevance and worth depend on numbers and branding. When we are anxious or lonely, we rely on this digital pacifier, this hit of dopamine that has overpowered our human nature. We are the hologram generation.

At least we have the delights of HAWXX to drag us firmly back into the real world with this electrifying slice of metal.

Leonie Bellini

Track Of The Day: The Kut – ‘AMINO’

The perfect rock’n’roll tonic to motivate you out of bed on a dreary winter’s morning, The Kut gives us a flavour of her upcoming second album with fierce latest single ‘ANIMO’. 

Meaning ‘spirit’ or ‘courage’, the energetic track strikes hard with chugging power chords and a catchy electronic motif. ‘ANIMO’ is tight and compelling throughout, capturing a classic rock sound with a modern edge, as the lyrics speak of the bravery of recent women’s rights protests across the UK. Driven by The Kut’s signature dynamic vocals, the tune also features Alison Wood on soaring guitar riffs, Jennifer Sanin providing pounding bass, and Diana Bartmann solid on drums – a formidable unit demonstrated perfectly by ‘ANIMO’’s rousing accompanying video.

Released as a taster of her anticipated second album, due June 2022, The Kut also has plans stateside, with a great new US distribution deal under her belt. If ‘ANIMO’s infectious energy and hard-hitting rock power are anything to go by, she has exciting things in store for us.

Leonie Bellini

Track Of The Day: Salvation Jayne – ‘A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite’

A masterclass in marrying fuzzy rock heaviness and breathtaking vocals in perfect harmony, this latest tune from alt-rock five-piece Salvation Jayne confidently demands your attention from the very first note. 

The title track from the band’s forthcoming debut album, ‘A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite’ is wholly enthralling, pairing crisp electric riffs with heavy hits of distortion and crushing bass that swirl and stomp around your eardrums. The gritty guitars are then punctured by the band’s ferocious vocals, soaring sky-high with an impassioned call to “cut loose” from toxic individuals that only seek to control, manipulate, and drag other people down.

The band explain: “Sometimes there is constructive criticism, which is fine. Then there are also overpowering controlling opinions that are shoved down your throat when you haven’t even asked for them. People like that exhibit this behaviour tend to thrive off of manipulating people into believing only what THEY think.”

Salvation Jayne’s magical push-and-pull of instruments and vocals, added to their magnetising self-confidence, continues to ascend until the track erupts into a guaranteed mosh-pit starter of an ending, leaving us amped up and eagerly anticipating their debut album, set for release next year.

Watch the artfully choreographed new video for ‘A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite’ here:

Salvation Jayne’s debut album, also entitled A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite, is set for release on 18th February 2022.

Leonie Bellini

Track Of The Day: Nadia Sheikh – ‘Love Is Undefined’

As the nights grow longer and colder, Nadia Sheikh has gifted us a soul-searching indie rock treat with a perfectly wintery vibe. The British-Spanish artist’s latest single sparkles with an expansive sound and her consistently mesmerising, smooth vocals.

Following the hypnotic honesty of ‘IDWK’, ‘Love Is Undefined’ is similarly introspective, bursting into the guitar-laden hook “what am I to you?/what are you to me?” with intense feeling. Layered around Sheikh’s melancholy lyricism, eerie piano and echoing whispers add spooky ambiance, while the track roams around the classic quiet-loud rock dynamic with chiming emotion to beautiful effect.

Sheikh explains: “Sometimes love just turns into dust. You realise things aren’t working out and you can’t keep on going on but you’re so afraid of hurting the other person that you end up hurting yourself. That’s what I tried to convey in ‘Love Is Undefined’. Here I’m at my most honest. It was a very cathartic song to write, a bit scary too as it’s so personal, but it helped me heal and I hope it can help anyone going through the same kind of situation.”

More captivating gifts are in store as ‘Love is Undefined’ is taken from Nadia Sheikh’s upcoming EP Undefined, set for release on 16th November.

Leonie Bellini

Photo Credit: Laura Avinent