LISTEN: Zoe Wees – ‘Control’

A tender, deeply personal, uplifting offering; Zoe Wees has shared her latest track ‘Control’. The seventeen year old Hamburg-born singer uses her clear, powerful vocals to tentatively explore her struggles with rolandic childhood epilepsy.

β€œThe sickness was stronger than me, and left scars that have become part of my life”, explains Wees about the condition. “Accepting them has taken so much time, but they make me what I am today: a fighter.” It’s this fighting spirit that underscores her lyrics on ‘Control’. Despite it’s upsetting premise, the track has a universal message of hope and recovery.

Wees is currently working on her debut EP, and with songs as poignant as ‘Control’, we look forward to hearing more from this promising young artist. Listen to the track below, and follow Zoe Wees on Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Svenja Blobel

Kate Crudgington