LISTEN: IRAH – ‘Unity Of Gods’

Scandinavian artists have the uncanny ability to make haltingly beautiful music, and newcomer, Copenhagen-based duo IRAH, continues this legacy with their latest single ‘Unity of Gods’.The ethereal track is the latest tease of the upcoming album Diamond Grid.

Adi Zukanović lays the solemn groundwork of keyboard and swelling pads for Stine Grøn’s hushed vocals as the two traverse the spiritual soundscape of ‘Unity of Gods’, whilst lyrically, the track is awash with a sense of tenderness and longing – “Let my breath be your breath / Unity of Gods / Oneness with all that is / You greet me with love once again.”

It’s not hard to feel a sense of enlightenment with the new single, as it drips with atmospheric ambience, not different from music your yoga instructor might play during a cool down.

Somewhat appropriately, the name IRAH was conceived after Stine encountered a higher being with the same name in meditation. This vision came to be a conceptual mantra for both Stine and, I can only imagine, what is to come with Diamond Grid.

Diamond Grid, the upcoming album from IRAH, is out 24th May on Tambourhinoceros.

Luke Janke