ALBUM: Immersion – ‘Sleepless’

If your cells are set alight by the sound of analogue synths and ambient electronics, you should invest in Immersion‘s upcoming album, Sleepless, which is set for release on 15th June via swim~ Records. Comprised of Wire’s Colin Newman & Malka Spigel, Immersion specialise in what their namesake describes and their latest record is a shining example of this.

Influenced by German krautrock pioneers such Tangerine Dream and Popal Vuh, Immersion have created their own version of “widescreen music” and opening track ‘Microclimate’ is a gentle electronic plunge in to their sonic world. The cyclical, mesmeric nature of ‘Off Grid’ seeps in to your consciousness, before the rippling synths and percussion on ‘MS19’ keep you suspended in ambiance for a further seven minutes.

Eponymous track ‘Sleepless’ articulates the restless state of mind its named after, with it’s moody brass arrangements and synths, whilst ‘Propulsoid’ – which features Matt Schulz of Holy Fuck – is propelled by the drum pattern Schulz programmed and more layers of synths and guitar. The upbeat ‘Hovertron’ glides by, making way for the smooth waves on ‘The Humming Sea’, before aptly named ‘Manic Toys’ scurries through your ear drums. Penultimate track ‘Seeing is Believing’ – a collaboration with Gil Luz and Asi Weitz of Hexenschuss – could score a dystopian sci-fi flick, whilst ‘Io’ closes the record on a hopeful, celebratory, grandiose note.

If you’re keen to hear Immersion’s music in the flesh, they’ll be performing a free show on 16th June at London’s Rough Trade East. You can pick up your copy of Sleepless there, or you can pre-order it here.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Bamboo Smoke – ‘Sleepless’

A smooth, effortlessly produced electronic lullaby, Bamboo Smoke have shared their latest single ‘Sleepless’. Formed of lyricist & vocalist Lou and instrumentalist & producer Tom, the duo create hazy soundscapes with smoky undertones and soulful vocals.

A chance meeting on a rooftop brought Bamboo Smoke together at a time when Lou had armfuls of notebooks filled with words and melodies and Tom had a library of instrumentals desperate for the right voice. The duo have since spent months writing together in South London, riding trains, scrawling lyrics and bouncing phone recordings back and forth.

The band’s debut EP is a collection of songs written over the course of the last year, during sessions snatched from the temporal demands of life in London in your 20s jobs, blending the playful with the shadows, capturing fragments of dreams.

Listen to ‘Sleepless’ below.

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Kate Crudgington