LISTEN: SOFT LAD – ‘2 Know U Betta’

A playful musing on what could happen if your crush just spared the time to text you back, multi-instrumentalist SOFT LAD has shared her latest single ‘2 Know U Betta’. Taken from her debut EP MAXIMUM FEELS, which is set for release on 1st April, the track is an earnest reflection on what could have been, underscored by buoyant guitars and smooth vocals.

Sophie Gaplin aka SOFT LAD has spent the past fourteen years playing alongside the likes of Tom Grennan, The Breeders, James Vincent McMorrow, Jessie Ware, SOAK and SELF ESTEEM. Now, she’s stepping into the spotlight to share her brand of honest pop, with her second offering ‘2 Know U Betta’ exploring that all-to-familiar feeling of being ghosted by a crush.

“I had a spark with someone and wanted to get to know them more, in a casual way,” Galpin explains about the track. “I was like, ‘I’m not looking for anything serious and there’s literally no pressure here, but we could be having a really nice, fun time if you ever texted me back!’ I knew there was a vibe there and I thought it would be a shame to let it go, but in the end I had to accept that she had her own thing going on, which is totally fair!” Galpin puts this missed romantic opportunity into context via her conversational lyrics and breezy melodies.

Inspired by the sounds of Years & Years, MUNA and Shura, as well as her own experiences of queer love and relationships, SOFT LAD’s debut EP looks set to be a joyful, tongue-in-cheek listen, with singles ‘Singapore’ and ‘2 Know U Betta’ providing the first dose of her pop-infused wit.

Listen to ‘2 Know U Betta’ below.

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Photo Credit: Lou Pye

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: SOFT LAD – ‘Singapore’

An upbeat, cathartic reflection on the tender and important time between a break-up and moving on to something new, SOFT LAD has shared her debut single ‘Singapore’. Full of relatable lyrics, shimmering melodies and soft vocals, the track is a comforting exhale providing listeners with an optimistic moment of clarity.

SOFT LAD aka Sophie Galpin has spent the past fourteen years as a multi-instrumentalist playing alongside the likes of Tom Greennan, The Breeders, James Vincent McMorrow, Jessie Ware and most recently SOAK and SELF ESTEEM. Now, she’s stepping into the spotlight to share her brand of honest pop, with her debut single focusing in on the multi-faceted nature of queer relationships. “Now I don’t have to wait for your updates, honey / well I can heave a sigh for the last time, and leave you behind” she muses, her vocals floating over buoyant riffs and driving beats.

“This song describes a break-up and that bit initially after where you look back for one last time, then take that first step forward as a person on your own in the world,” Gaplin explains about ‘Singapore’. “You feel like shit, and your friends tell you that you’re going to be fine and although intellectually you can rationalise it, you can’t truly feel it for a while until you get the perspective. And intertwined with that feeling of loss, you also have this feeling of relief of at least knowing where you stand and breathing it all out. You suddenly have time and re-realise you can do whatever you want at any given time.”

Accompanied by a video directed by Olivier Richomme and Sarah Jenny Johnson, ‘Singapore’ is SOFT LAD’s optimistic statement about life after love, and it’s gentle euphoria is infectious.

Watch the video for ‘Singapore’ below.

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Kate Crudgington