Track Of The Day: CIEL – ‘Never Alone Again’

A snapshot of uncertainty filtered through hazy guitars and soft melancholic vocals, Brighton trio CIEL have shared their latest single ‘Never Alone Again’. Inspired by front-woman Michelle Hindriks’ own experiences of feeling isolated, the track is a gentle reflection on the darker moments of life and an honest attempt to make peace with the past.

“Sometimes I spend quite a long time crafting the lyrics for a certain song. This wasn’t the case for ‘Never Alone Again’,” Hindriks explains. “The lyrics were just there, like they appeared out of nowhere, but they were accurately reflecting my feelings at the time. It’s quite scary to me to release this song into the world as the lyrics are very personal and intimate. I never really speak much about these feelings from the past to people around me – even close friends. But it’s the reason why this song feels really close and honest to me. It’s a part of my life’s story. I think it’s important to actually be able to speak about these subjects more openly in our society.”

In these heightened times of isolation and separation, CIEL’s new track provides a tender moment of comfort and relief, acting as a gentle reminder that loneliness is only a temporary state.

Listen to ‘Never Alone Again’ below.


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Photo Credit: Ryan Deag

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Francis of Delirium – ‘Let It All Go’

A frantic, grungy guitar tune that confronts the feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin, Francis of Delirium have shared their new single ‘Let It All Go’. Taken from the duo’s upcoming EP Wading, which is set for release via Dalliance Recordings, the track is a cathartic burst of energy that sees songwriter Jana Bahrich shake off the self-doubt that starts to creep in when you feel inferior in a large social group.

“’Let It All Go’ chronicles a full commitment to isolation. It imagines me on a night out, drunk and babbling on about how sad I am,” Bahrich candidly explains. “Nobody wants to be around that person. At the heart of this song, away from all the craziness, is a desire to accept change and find acceptance within myself, letting go of holding onto any pain or hurt.” Through her commanding mix of loud-and-quiet vocals and her melodic guitar riffs, Bahrich pushes through these anxieties and purges her feelings of unease with gritty flair.

The track is accompanied by a superb claymation video which Bahrich created herself. It’s cut-and-paste style and fast-paced editing reflect the feelings of angst and apprehension she sings about.

Watch the video for ‘Let It All Go’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Photo Credit: Lynn Theisen