LISTEN: Little Pale – ‘Don’t You Know U’

If you’re yearning for an online world without filters and false narratives; Little Pale‘s new single ‘Don’t You Know U’ will help to lift your spirits. The South East London artist has created an alt-pop tune gently criticizing the damaging effects of social media, and the impact it’s having on our mental health.

“Got a feeling, streaming for you”, muses Little Pale, over clicking beats, poppy synth textures, and grooving bass lines. Her soft vocals reflect the ease with which social media users can be seduced by the never-ending “shiny, spicy, pixel fortunes” they’re presented with on their feeds.

Little Pale explains the premise of the track further: “I wrote this song last year about social media being this new aesthetic asset to a lot of people. My recent songwriting has been inspired by technology that aids our communication, as for more introverted souls, constant “Online” is not always something that is fully welcomed! The point I’m making is definitely not original, but lyrically, I wanted to portray how this cultural shift has caused people to seek validation virtually, and that such thrills can cheapen the complex originality of the individual into a sort of sameness. I think this is especially true for the younger generation and I hope that the music video that is to accompany this song in the coming weeks reflects that.”

We hope that Little Pale’s new single provides a distraction for anyone feeling a little overwhelmed online at the moment. Listen to ‘Don’t You Know U’ below, and follow Little Pale on Spotify & Facebook for more updates.


Kate Crudgington