Track Of The Day: BLAB – ‘Insurance’

A gritty reflection on how our definition of success changes as we grow older, Southend-based multi-instrumentalist BLAB has shared her latest single ‘Insurance’. Released via Cool Thing Records, BLAB combines direct lyrics and restless guitar lines in order to deliver her cutting observations on how we avoid being crushed by the pressures of conformity.

“I was really inspired by Gang Of Four when I was writing ‘Insurance’,” BLAB aka Frances Murray explains. “It’s about questioning whether your life actually makes you happy or whether you’re just following the crowd. Working in insurance or in a city job has become such a universal experience for 20-somethings. ‘Insurance’ peers behind the façade at the unfortunate truth that external markers of success don’t always equate to a life of fulfilment. It touches upon my own realisation of this fact, and how due to social media and societal expectation I had a very warped view of what a happy and successful life for myself would be like.”

With her previous singles ‘Eton Mess’, ‘Casual Sex’ and ‘RIP’, BLAB firmly communicated her anti-establishment message. Now with her latest single ‘Insurance’, she pushes these boundaries further and reaffirms her narrative of independence and individuality, completely on her own terms. She’s currently working on her debut album with Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) and Rees Broomfield at SS2 Recording in Southend, channelling her riot grrrl attitude into a collection of witty, infectious anthems.

Listen to ‘Insurance’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: Daneka – ‘She’s Never Been’

A sultry, R&B infused bedroom-pop tune exploring the mixed emotions surrounding an intense, romantic attraction, Southend-based songwriter Daneka has shared her latest single ‘She’s Never Been’. Full of smooth vocals and yearning lyrics, the track is a mellow but passionate portrait of a woman who wants to be loved and acknowledged for all that she is.

“This song is about a young woman wanting a man who is taken,” Daneka explains. “The song highlights an obsessive and impulsive behaviour of the woman, but also the determination and hunger of a woman who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it.” Through her extended vocals and subtle samples of hushed exhales, Daneka reflects this hunger and longing to be with the one she loves.

“‘She’s Never Been’ also highlights the imperfections of a woman with obvious mental instability,” Daneka continues. “The underlying issue is that this woman has never been ‘the hot one’, or the ‘smart one’, or the ‘sexy one’ either, but just a woman living.” Despite this underlying insecurity, Daneka’s confident voice portrays a woman who is deeply in touch with her emotions and aware of her potential, even if her efforts are directed towards someone who may not acknowledge or deserve them.

Listen to ‘She’s Never Been’ below.

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Kate Crudgington