LISTEN: Spiritbox – ‘Blessed Be’

Self described with their tongue placed firmly in cheek as “spooky-scary, but also artsy-fartsy”, Spiritbox was formed by Courtney LaPlante and Michael Stringer to avoid stagnating creatively within their former band, the Louisiana metalcore five-piece, iwrestledabearonce.

Joined by Bill Crook, Spiritbox followed their impressive 2019 EP Singles Collection with the release of ‘Rule of Nines’ late last year; a song that was nothing less than an assault on the senses. Now, the Canadian trio have taken on a more melodic approach on their latest single, ‘Blessed Be’, but that familiar darkness still lingers… “Offer me / I have the heart of a coward…”

From the ethereal, palm-muted guitar soundscape to LaPlante’s brooding vocalisation – alternating between a layered wall of sound consisting entirely of LaPlante’s layered harmonization and her head-banging guttural growl – ‘Blessed Be’ hooks you in with its whiplash-inducing groove. It is the track’s reflection on relationships however, that has us looking inwards; analysing our own insecurities. “Serotonin like a loaded gun / I am a coward, you pull me up / into a place where there’s nothing that’s left for me / But insecurity.”

Once the bridge leads into the skull-crushing breakdown, Spiritbox have decimated the scene, conjuring an infectious combination of electronic instrumentation and progressive – almost mechanical – djent-inspired guitar riffs. LaPlante admirably shreds her vocals during this emotional climax – alternating between beautiful melodies and aggressive vitriol – reaffirming why Spiritbox are one of the most exciting progressive metal bands emerging from the underground.

Spiritbox are have recently toured Europe with After the Burial, Make Them Suffer and Polar on the Behold the Crown Tour (which sadly had to be cut short).

Ken Wynne