ALBUM: Space Captain – ‘All Flowers In Time’

Brooklyn-based band Space Captain have released their eagerly anticipated full length album All Flowers In Time via Tru Thoughts Recordings, and it’s a patient, well-produced, retrospective joy of a record. Influenced by the likes of Thundercat, Amy Winehouse & Bon Iver, the album is an eclectic mix of jazzy trumpet outros, sax solos, and acoustic “e-bow” guitars – blended together by warm, laid back melodies.

Opener ‘Side Eye’ blazes with smooth vocals, gentle guitar and subtle electronics that create a pleasant, hazy atmosphere. It flows in to ‘Blue’ with it’s sweet R&B vibes, which are effortlessly extended on brief interlude ‘Daybreak’. Third track ‘Sycamore’ is a clear highlight, with its wonderfully laid-back, eclectic summer sound. Vocalist Maralisa’s talent is displayed with ease and elegance here and it’s hard not to be swept away by the sax solos and simmering percussion. ‘Loveline / The Drive Home’ brings you back down to earth with it’s easy samba-inspired beats.

‘Cells’ is a dreamy two minutes of nostalgia – “new things with him are like old things with you / but loved like older things I used to do” – whilst ‘Hollow’ unlike it’s name, is full of emotion and drips with melancholy, melodic magic. The band have dubbed penultimate track ‘Hours’ as the “country hit on the album”, but that’s too simplistic a label. It’s another emotionally charged offering from vocalist Maralisa and proves the multi-instrumental sensitivities of the band are finely tuned.

‘Flood’ closes the record with more of Space Captain’s trademark relaxed beats and guitar-led melodies. All Flowers In Time is proof of the band’s “unique musical chemistry”, and you’ll be swept away on nostalgic waves each time you listen. Grab your copy of the album here and follow Space Captain on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Patricia Lopez

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Space Captain – ‘Sycamore’

If you’re sad about the lack of sunlight due to the change in season, let the sound of Space Captain‘s ‘Sycamore’ take you back to brighter days. It’s the lead single from their second album All Flowers In Time, which is set to be released on 27th October via Tru Thoughts Recordings.

The track is a fusion of the band’s R&B and indie sensibilities and perfectly showcases vocalist Maralisa’s smooth, soulful voice. The Brooklyn-based group have an eclectic taste and style that includes the use of trumpet outros, sax solos and acoustic “e-bow” guitars; all of which can be heard in full on their second album.

Pre-order your copy of All Flowers In Time here, and follow Space Captain on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Patricia Lopez

Kate Crudgington