WATCH: Table Scraps – ‘I’m A Failure’

With acclaim from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne and IDLES’ Joe Talbot, Birmingham’s Table Scraps featured as one of our ‘Ones To Watch’ in 2018, and they’re certainly proving themselves worthy of the title. Following the dark and gritty garage-punk of tracks such as ‘My Obsession and ‘Sick Of Me’, and the recent release of their debut album, the trio are back with a riotous new single.

Fuelled by the band’s trademark ferocious force and an infectious scuzzy energy, ‘I’m A Failure’ blasts out whirring riffs alongside the raw, impassioned vocals of Poppy Twist. Accompanied by a brand new tongue-in-cheek video, it’s another perfect slice of raging, empowered grunge-fuelled rock from our favourite Brummies.

Of the inspiration behind the new visuals, TJ from the band explains:

“Making videos without any budget is more fun. We took some cheap wood and socks and made this Beavis and Butt-Head inspired love letter to the golden era of MTV – excess, big budgets, channel hopping and boredom. Sock puppets and explosions were always meant to be together!”

Watch the new video for ‘I’m A Failure’ here:

Autonomy, the new album from Table Scraps, is out now. You can catch the band live:

10th March – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton
28th April – Wrong Festival, Liverpool

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Meg Lavender

Get In Her Ears talks Time’s Up

For their first show of 2018, Kate and Mari played the usual selection of fantastic new music including tracks from Moon Palace, Aisha Badru, Bamboo Smoke, JAAYNS and Table Scraps.

They also had a bit of a chat about the recent #TimesUp campaign, with massive love for Oprah Winfrey’s incredibly powerful speech at the Golden Globes.

Listen back to the show here:

Ones To Watch 2018

We’re approaching the beginning of a new year – the perfect time to celebrate new music. As we leave 2017 – and all it’s thrown at us – behind, we’re ready to venture into 2018 alongside some of the music we’re most excited about for the upcoming year.

Have a read, and keep your ears peeled for these incredible bands and artists over the coming months…

Having recently supported GIHE faves PINS on tour, and received much acclaim for their eponymous debut album from the likes of Mojo and Q Magazine, London collective Madonnatron would seem to have had a pretty successful 2017.

We’ve been in love with these four awesome women since their captivating cacophony left us completely spellbound at The Finsbury back in March. And now, with the seething vocals and haunting discordant hooks of tracks such as ‘Sangue Neuf’ and ‘Headless Children’ having provided an eerily majestic soundtrack to much of this year, we’re quite sure that the beguiling ‘Witch Prog’ of Madonnatron will be headed for big things in 2018. (Mari Lane)

We currently hold the record for “how many times you can feature Queen Zee on a roundups/playlist” article – and it’s one we’re proud to be upholding. The Liverpool-based band blew us away with their visceral, politically switched on sounds at The Garage in October, and we’ve been hooked on their punk-like anthems ever since.

Fronted by Queen Zee, the group use their platform to shout back against transphobia and homophobia, as well as supporting and celebrating equality. They’re set to record and hopefully release their debut album in 2018, as well as hitting the road again in support of The Marmozets. Make sure you put your ‘Idle Crown’ on, and get behind this incredible set of talented individuals in 2018. (Kate Crudgington)

Having blown us away with their completely captivating live performance at The Finsbury, Sink Ya Teeth are fast becoming one of our favourite bands. With the addictive, pulsating beats and ‘80s-inspired dance-pop hooks of singles ‘If You See Me’ and ‘Glass’, they’ve showcased their ability to create utterly infectious, uptempo offerings, and we cannot wait to hear more.

With praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music, and support slots with Chk Chk Chk already under their belt, this Norwich duo are sure to be continuing to seduce many an ear throughout 2018. (ML)

Although we’ve been aware of them for some time, Slowcoaches caught our full attention this year with the release of their brilliant track ‘Complex’ – a snarling comeback to the music industry’s misogynist bullshit.

Comprised of Heather (bass & vocals), Neil (drums), and Oliver (guitar), the band are a grunge-fuelled, alternative force to be reckoned with. With wicked tracks like ‘Living Out’ and ‘Complex’ behind them, we’re excited to see what 2018 holds for this talented trio. (KC)

With support from the likes of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, and an ever growing reputation for their vibrant live performances, London collective Kid Cupid have been alluring our ears with their blissful electro-pop for some time.

Now, with the recent release of latest single ‘Easy’, they’ve shown themselves to be true masters of their craft; creating utterly euphoric layers of sound alongside Laura Shaw’s rich, soulful vocals. With shades of the likes of Oh Wonder and Little Dragon, we cannot wait to hear more of Kid Cupid’s dreamy, sonic delights throughout 2018. (ML)


We’ve made no secret of our love for Essex songwriter Beckie Margaret, and we want everyone’s ears to be blessed with the sound of her impeccable voice.

Inspired by the likes of Lucy Rose, Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver, Beckie’s songs are tender, intuitive, and effortlessly delivered. She’s still at University in the final year of her song-writing degree, but there’s something about her music that can’t be learned from the pages of a textbook. Signed to Cool Thing Records, we’re confident the future for this talented vocalist, writer, and producer is blindingly bright. (KC)

Receiving support across the industry from the likes of Joe Talbot (IDLES) and BBC 6 Music’s Tom Ravenscroft and Steve Lamacq, Birmingham trio Table Scraps are certainly worth paying attention to.

Creating dark and gritty garage-punk, with tracks such as ‘My Obsession’ and latest single ‘Sick Of Me’, the band deliver thrashing riffs and stomping beats, fuelled by a ferocious force. A perfect example of raw, raging DIY music at its best.

Now, with their debut full-length album Autonomy set for release in February, the enraged, empowering energy of Table Scraps looks set to take the world by storm in 2018. (ML)

If you’re a fan of ambient electronic music with a melancholy edge, Temples Of Youth are a band you need to invest in. The Winchester duo sent divine shivers down our spines when they headlined our December show at The Finsbury, and we’ve been spinning their recent self-titled EP in an attempt to stay hypnotised by their magnetic sounds.

We’re confident that tracks like ‘Amber’ and the beautifully articulate ‘Churches’ will propel the pair further in to the spotlight in 2018. We also recommend you check out their superb cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ – it’s urgent and unforgettable. (KC)

With 2017’s highlights including supporting Desperate Journalist and Nelson Can on various tour dates, Manchester trio LIINES have fast been gaining attention from the likes of John Kennedy, The Quietus and BBC Introducing throughout the year, and we’re loving their gritty, post-punk sounds.

As the pummelling beats and raw vocals of tracks ‘Disappear’ and ‘Blackout’ blast into the ears with all the brooding, impassioned energy you could ever desire, we’re desperate to hear more from LIINES and wait with excitement for what they have in store for us in 2018.

We’re also extremely excited to announce that LIINES will be headlining for us at The Finsbury on 9th February with Bugeye, Suggested Friends and Duck. See you there! (ML)

Introducing Interview: Table Scraps

Table Scraps produce black-hearted garage punk which fully embraces the good, the bad and the ugly of rock ‘n’ roll’s twisted lineage and various mutations. Receiving support across the industry from the likes of Joe Talbot (IDLES) and BBC 6 Music’s Tom Ravenscroft, this trio are worth paying attention to.

With the recent announcement of their new album Automony‘s release date, we caught up with Table Scraps to talk about their beginnings, being DIY and their new single ‘Sick Of Me Now’.

Welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about Table Scraps and how it all started?
As a teenager I was in a pop band who were “tipped for stardom” in the days when a label could afford to put up four teenage girls in London for two weeks while recording an album. When the industry collapsed, my new next-door neighbour back home in Birmingham – Scott – had a similar story of being promised the world before everyone realised they didn’t have any money anymore. Our houses were also, weirdly, mirror images of each other in that they are both absolutely stuffed with priceless rock’n’roll memorabilia and vintage tat. Clearly it was meant to be.

We understand and totally respect that you produce all the music yourself, have you always and will you always want to do this?
Scott and I (and later Tim!) wanted a setup where we could record and release as quickly as we could write – and we didn’t want to lose any of the anger or energy of our live show in a sterile studio environment. Saying that, if the right person were to come along who was on the same wavelength as us and had a cool studio… Never say never. Plus, it would save us a lot of hassle pressing record before running over to our instruments.

You’ve gained some notable fans from the likes of Joe Talbot (frontman of IDLES) and Tom Ravenscroft – it must be great to receive this sort of support from the music community?
Joe is a legend and I’m absolutely made up for what an amazing year IDLES have had. It’s obviously a huge source of pride that a band we really look up to appreciate what we’re doing. When Joe played us on 6 Music in August it kinda legitimised a lot of what we were doing overnight. Huw Stephens and Lauren Laverne were very kind about us and Tom Ravenscroft really came out for ‘Sick of Me’. We definitely owe Joe a couple of drinks.

We’re loving the new single ‘Sick Of Me’ at Get In Her Ears HQ, can you tell us a bit about the song and what inspired it?
Thank you! ‘Sick of Me’ is about the frustration of people – friends even – who become a drain on you and you end up tolerating them for some reason. It was one of the first tracks we approached as a trio and, with the additional space of having our bassist Tim on board, we were really interested in seeing how much we could strip a song back and focus on its key ingredients. All three of us love the simplicity and immediacy of the songs that you might hear from girl groups and garage bands of the sixties.

So you’re playing a series of tour dates all over the UK, ending in your album launch at The Shacklewell Arms on February 28th, what can people expect from your live shows?
Table Scraps shows are short, sharp and straight to the point. I think we probably say about six words between the three of us in between songs. No theatrics and absolutely no cock-rock! Drinks do still get spilt and people go a bit primal, which I love. We favour promoters who strive for (at least close to) gender-equal bills, so it was a no-brainer for us to go straight to Kelly at We Can Do It Promotions to put on the album launch at The Shacklewell Arms, alongside the amazing Josh from Roadkill Records. One of our favourite shows this year was with Polly and Ollie from BITCH CRAFT, so we also had to go with them for our Brighton show!

And what can we look forward to on the record Autonomy?
All killer, no filler. We poured all our heart (and bile) into it and held nothing back.

Finally as we’re a new music focused site, are there any other new/upcoming bands or artists you’d suggest we check out?
We love Slowcoaches and Death Valley Girls.

Huge thanks to Table Scraps for answering our questions!

Table Scraps’ new album Autonomy is out 23rd February 2018 via Zen Ten Records. The album launch is at The Shacklewell Arms on 28th February via We Can Do It Promotions.