LIVE (Photos): Berries EP Launch, 06.11.19

Celebrating the release of London trio Berries’ new EP, Lies, last Wednesday three of our most favourite bands got together to put on a night of the most exciting live music.

Kicking things off, captors of my heart Chorusgirl treat the crowd to their truly luscious, emotion-strewn dream pop. As Silvi describes set opener ‘In Dreams’ as “a nice song about my hometown”, she revels in “all the familiar faces” in the crowd as the band continue to deliver their effervescent harmonies and impressive driving riffs. From tracks from their first album such as ‘To Be A Defector’ to newer tracks such as the hugely stirring ‘Stuck’, Chorusgirl deliver their shimmering sounds with a heart-rending, cathartic energy.

Next up, The Franklys blast out their energy fuelled rock ‘n’ roll with their immense empowering charisma. From the soaring buoyant power of ‘I’m Not Guilty’, to the swirling grit of ‘Keeper’ and many more riff-tastic anthems in-between, the half Swedish band completely captivate the crowd with their catchily riotous sounds.

And then, the three women of the hour, Berries, take to the stage with their trademark fun-filled energy and sparkling magnetism. Treating the jam-packed venue to dazzling guitar solos, front woman Holly’s distinctive spiky vocals and an all-encompassing life-affirming sense of unity, the trio deliver familiar offerings such as the frenzied force of ‘Discreetly’ and ‘Faults’, amongst songs so new their name is not yet decided – “It’s ‘Trace’, not ‘Once'”, Holly asserts. In between designated swigs of drinks, Berries don’t disappoint, with their admirable raw passion and buzzing charisma, proving them worthy of the highest accolades.

Massive thanks to all three bands for a great night of live music!

Berries’ new EP Lies is out now, via RoseColoured Records/AWAL. Stream now.


Words: Mari Lane / @marimindles
Photos: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto

Track Of The Day: The Franklys – ‘Not Guilty’

‘Not Guilty’, taken from The Franklys’ upcoming new EP, is pure rock ‘n’ roll. The opening riffs hook you in and by the time the big, shout-along choruses and pure-pop harmonies hit, you’re having a full-on shimmy in your seat. Or at least I was.

Much like The Donnas or Joan Jett and The Runaways, ‘Not Guilty’ feels effortlessly cool and stupid amount of fun. It’s empowering, exciting and threatens to get stuck in your brain until the end of time.

The Franklys say they formed when Swedish Jen Ahlkvist and Fanny Broberg came to London “intent on carving out a vital new sound”. And if ‘Not Guilty’ is representative of the rest of their material, it feels like they’re doing just that. They’re really putting their own spin on macho garage rock, and I love it.

Framed, the upcoming EP from The Franklys, is out 5th April.

Victoria Conway

Get In Her Ears Live @ The Finsbury w/ Dream Nails, 13.04.18

Following a host of super amazing bands playing for us recently – including LIINES, Witch Fever, The Magnettes, H.Grimace, Temples Of Youth and Ghum  – we were back at The Finsbury on Friday night for another jam-packed night of the best new music.

Kicking off the night is Gold Baby. Treating us to their twinkling slices of utterly infectious indie-pop, lush vocals and jangly hooks flow as the sunny charisma of front-woman Siân Alex charms each and every one of us.

Next up, the raw, soulful punk pop of Madame So blows us all away. As her gritty vocals ooze a refreshing honesty, scuzzy melodies leave us completely engrossed in her unique, catchy offerings.

Penultimate band of the night The Franklys blast into our eyes and ears with the ferocious intensity of their raging garage rock. Complete with some witty between-song banter, they deliver a truly unforgettable, energy-fuelled set.

Headlining are Get In Her Ears’ favourite Feminist Punk Witches, Dream Nails. Dressed in matching sparkling white, they fill the packed-out venue with their seething, punk-filled power and empowering force. With their impassioned plea for ‘All Girls To The Front’, they treat us to their inspired, raucous offerings, raging against domestic violence, misogyny and bullies with all the effervescent, buoyant energy you could ever desire. As a wonderful aura of female unity and motivation sweeps throughout the crowd, we’re reminded once again why we need Dream Nails in our lives. It’s truly an honour to have these strong-spirited, inspirational women return to headline for us after they opened our first ever night at The Finsbury back in October 2016.

Huge thanks to the four AMAZING bands who played for us and for all who came along to make it such a wonderful night. Next month, we have not one but two gigs! We’ll be at The Finsbury on 11th May with Suzie Stapleton, and on 23rd May we’ll have our first gig at The Windmill with Heavy Heart!

Mari Lane


WATCH: The Franklys – ‘Keeper’

With half its members hailing from Sweden and half from the UK, international band The Franklys have previously received acclaim from the likes of NME and Clash, and have fast been building a reputation as one of the most exciting live bands around. And now they’re ready to hit your ears and eyes with an awesome new video.

Propelled by a slow-building tension and eerie undertones, ‘Keeper’ is filled with throbbing bass-lines, raw vocals and raging hooks. Juxtaposing a gritty intensity with uptempo, catchy refrains, it’s a perfect slice of raucous garage-rock with shades of the likes of Manchester’s PINS.

Watch the psychedelic new video for ‘Keeper’ here, and prepare to be utterly hooked on the lush, rebellious sounds of The Franklys:

Mari Lane