Track Of The Day: Berries – ‘Silent’

Although there are only three people in London-based Berries, the garage band manage to make a big noise. ‘Silent’, the first single from their forthcoming EP, fuses dazzling guitar solos with spiky, sassy vocals and a big pop chorus – and you’ll want to play it loud.

This song doesn’t stop moving – noisy rock drums keep the pace while the guitar soars, weaves and then even goes a bit prog-y in a fun, kinda life-affirming way. ‘Silent’ is pure rock ‘n’ roll. If it doesn’t make you want to bounce around with an air guitar and flip your hair about, we don’t know what will.

The trio are set to support Bleached at their sold out show at The Lexington on 22nd August, and we’re confident they’ll blow their crowd away with their furious live energy. Listen to ‘Silent’ below and follow Berries on Facebook for more updates.


Photo Credit: Matthew Young

Victoria Conway

LIVE: The Joy Formidable – The Lexington, 22.08.18

Almost six years to the day since they last played the venue, The Joy Formidable made a triumphant return to The Lexington to perform to a sold out crowd on Wednesday night. Ritzy, Rhydian and Matt are masters of loud-and-quiet alternative anthems, and despite being absent from the London live scene recently; the trio have lost none of their momentum.

Opening their set with the riotous and rarely played ‘Greyhounds In The Slips’, the band tore through the song with impressive precision and energy. ‘I Don’t Want To See You Like This’ followed, before the all-encompassing ‘The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade’ took hold – filling the venue with foot-thumping and chants of appreciation. At the close of the song, guitarist & vocalist Ritzy, and bassist Rhydian addressed the “familiar faces” in their crowd, and banter about her “mountain troll” clumsiness – as well as drummer Matt’s intake of walnuts and whisky – drew hearty laughs from their loyal fans.

After this brief hiatus, the trio eased in to ‘Ostrich’. Unlike the recorded version, this rendition hosted a calmer intro; reflecting Ritzy’s words about the song’s theme of “moving on and forgiving” people. The pay-off was still every inch as powerful, so nothing was lost in the translation. With their fourth album AAARTH due for release next month, the band then showcased some of their new material – including their latest single ‘The Wrong Side’ – which rang out with trademark Joy Formidable intensity.

Hitch single ‘This Ladder Is Ours’ thundered through shortly after, before the band briefly left the stage, returning for a knockout encore. Between the blur of ‘Buoy’ (which was given similar treatment to ‘Ostrich’) and final track ‘Whirring’, the band took some time to remind fans that next year marks the tenth anniversary of the release of their debut EP, A Balloon Called Moaning. Ritzy promised TJF would be celebrating the occasion with some intimate acoustic shows, then promptly apologised for not playing the acoustic dates she promised last time she was in town, when the band played at Oslo in Hackney.

In one final six minute frenzy of riffs and raucous drumming, the band threw themselves and their instruments around the stage during ‘Whirring’, leaving their crowd fired up with the promise of seeing them in town again soon. The Joy Formidable have been on the musical radar for almost a decade, and last night’s performance proved they’ve got another decade’s worth of raw live power in them.

Support came from the wonderful Bryde – who performed with a full band – who TJF heartily praised.

Pre-order your copy of The Joy Formidable’s AAARTH here.
Follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Nova Twins – ‘Lose Your Head’

A lesson in cutting loose and walking on the wild side: South East London duo Nova Twins have shared the video for their latest track ‘Lose Your Head’. Neon make-up and customised boiler suits accompany this mind-melter of a track; proving there’s no limit to Amy & Georgia’s creative potential.

Praised by Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, Nova Twins’ raw, abrasive, genre-defying tunes are consistent favourites here at Get In Her Ears. ‘Lose Your Head’ is a sonic spiral of distorted, aggressive bass lines, and lethal vocals that will leave you thirsty for more of the pair’s anarchic anthems.

Of the track, the band explain: “Flipping punk rock on its head, ‘Lose Your Head’ is a rejection of off-the-peg opinions, a rallying cry and a celebration of difference, an invitation to walk your own path. We want to open people’s minds and invite them to the wild side.”

Nova Twins will be touring throughout the summer; across the UK, Europe and America. They’ll also be headlining Loud Women’s night at The Lexington on August 18th (get your tickets here). Check out the video for ‘Lose Your Head’ below and follow the pair on Facebook for more updates,

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: HAWK – ‘Can’t Explain’

As any avid follower of Get In Her Ears will be aware, we’re pretty besotted with everything Berlin-based HAWK create, and their latest single is no exception. Released as a AA side with accompanying track ‘Below’, ‘Can’t Explain’ is a wonderfully intense whirlwind of burning passion.

Somewhat heavier than past material, the track was written as a reaction to people’s ignorance and the power privilege has to erase the voices of those who need to be heard. Continuing HAWK’s track record of creating captivating soundscapes with an acute social awareness, ‘Can’t Explain’ oozes thrashing riffs and urgent beats, as the immense power of Julie Hawk’s soaring vocals builds the tension and drives it forwards with an empowering, impassioned splendour. Although perhaps more raucous in sound that previous offerings, the track loses none of the glorious, spellbinding beauty and enchanting grace that the band have become known for.


‘Can’t Explain’ once again proves why it’s vital that we have HAWK in our lives. Not only intent on creating rousing sonic delights, they are dedicated to raising awareness of pressing social issues, and bring them to the fore of all they do.

‘Can’t Explain’/’Below’ is out now via Veta Records. Listen on Spotify.

You also ought to check out Julie’s ‘Female Fronted Drawn Together’ playist, and make sure you don’t miss HAWK live at The Lexington tonight!


Mari Lane