Track Of The Day: The Motion – ‘3am’

Following previous singles ‘Sleep Talk’ and ‘Hollow’, South London based artist Penny Churchill – aka The Motion – is back to grace our ears with their poignant new single.

Rounding off The Motion’s exploration into themes of isolation and insomnia, ‘3am’ oozes pulsating beats and twinkling hooks, showcasing Churchill’s poignant emotion-strewn vocals. Creating a whirring ethereal soundscape, it builds with a stirring dreamy haze, reflecting on feelings of vulnerability, through the eyes of someone in an altered state. Of the track, The Motion explains:

“‘3AM’ was initially inspired by speaking with someone who was in a vulnerable position, but it grew into something bigger than the both of us and became about the cliched idea of coming of age and losing control a little bit. One of my favourite lyrics has to be the direct quote ‘I’m gonna be fine, I do this all the time, it’s my only way feeling a sense of purpose now’, and remembering that fragment of speech formulated the entire mood and essence of the song.

Watch the psychedelic haze of the new video for ‘3am’ now:

‘3am’ is out now.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Barbora Mrazkova

Track Of The Day: The Motion – ‘Sleep Talk’

Having previously wowed us live at The Finsbury, and with a special acoustic set on our radio show last year, The Motion – a musical project curated by songwriter, engineer and producer Penny Churchill – draws on raw and emotionally-driven lyrics to reflect on their own personal experiences. New single ‘Sleep Talk’ is a slow indie record, using synthetic instrumentals behind soft vocals to add an air of vulnerability that couples with the lyrics perfectly.

Themes of isolation, insomnia and emotional instability expose Churchill’s own raw emotions, which makes it easy for the audience to connect with what they’re saying. The light/dark of the verses and brighter choruses reflect the real-life contrast between happiness and sadness, which are effectively fused together in ‘Sleep Talk’, creating a truly immersive offering. 

Of the track, The Motion explains:

“The track captures the mood of being stuck in a cyclical rut of routine. The verses are slow and sonically dark, whereas the chorus is directly contrasting with a warm, surreal feeling. This makes me feel as though, for a moment, I am elsewhere, somewhere with a more free and organic atmosphere in momentary bliss.”

‘Sleep Talk’ is out now, listen on Soundcloud. And you can catch The Motion live on 5th June at The Underbelly in Hoxton Square, London.


Bekky Smart

Track Of The Day: The Motion – ‘Hollow’

Born and raised on the Isle Of Wight, Penny Churchill – aka The Motion – now creates their unique, emotionally driven alt-pop in South London, having studied at Goldsmiths and decided to stay in the area, drawn to its rich culture and like-minded people. A non-binary, genderqueer project, The Motion recently debuted their live show at The Gladstone Arms, before being a wonderful guest on our very own show on Hoxton Radio, and charming us all live at The Finsbury.

Now, The Motion has finally shared their dreamy debut single. Exploring post-breakup feelings and sensibilities, ‘Hollow’ flows with a shimmering soundscape as Penny’s rich, sumptuous vocals soar. Amongst swirling layers of instrumentation, an emotion-strewn haze builds to a powerful swell of glitchy whirring hooks, creating a colourful slice of psychedelic electro-pop. Combined with a raw, heartfelt lyricism, Churchill treats our ears to a glistening fusion sounds, showcasing their unique songwriting talent, marking themselves out as a definite one to watch.

Of the track, Penny expands: “‘Hollow’ is a song about exploring the mind set and feelings of space and emptiness surrounding a break up. The lyrics flip between narrating and then being in the moment, kind of like zooming in on specific moments and unpacking them.

Watch the brand new lyric video for ‘Hollow’ here:

Catch The Motion live at the following dates:

5th January: The Water Rats with Dead or Alive, London
5th February: The Finsbury Pub with Stop Look Listen, London

Mari Lane