ALBUM: Jo Passed – ‘Their Prime’

Living in the city with nowhere to rent? No time outside of employment, and no realistic expectations to live up to? Then you should invest in Jo Passed‘s debut album, Their Prime. Released via Sub Pop Records, the Vancouver-based four piece have written a record that encompasses these anxieties – but most importantly – uses a combination of melodic noise and grunge-inspired sound to break through them.

Comprised of Jo, Elliot, Bella & Megan-Magdalena, Jo Passed’s new record is the amalgamation of front-man Jo’s fears and frustrations at not being where he thought he’d be in his 30s. Jo has been part of the DIY music scene since his late teens along with high school best friend Elliot, both of whom thought they were “freaky music weirdos” when they began writing their own tunes. Now, with the multi-talented Bella & Megan-Magdalena on board, Jo’s fear of missing out has been neutralised and channelled into songs like hazy album opener, ‘Left’. It’s three minutes of reverb-heavy riffs that cloud the ears with gentle anger.

Second track ‘MDM’ hosts noise-rock riffs and floaty, quietly furious vocals, before ‘Glass’ and ‘Undemo’ pass by in steady fashion. The brief ‘Facetook’ bleeds in with its distant vocals and diluted guitar sounds, before ‘Repair’ pushes things in a more positive direction. Breathy, laid back vocals are mirrored in the gentler percussion and guitar parts, preceding the cathartic pay off which comes three minutes and twenty seconds in.

The guitars on ‘R.I.P’ drift dreamily above more pensive vocals, before the relatable ‘Millennial Trash Blues’ punches its way through with more noise and feedback, ricocheting between loud & quiet. ‘You, Prime’ rings out in similar fashion, as does following track ‘Sold’ with its manic riffs and driving percussion. Ambient interlude ‘Another Nowhere’ provides space for reflection, before the spacey ‘Places Please’ closes this journey through uncertainty and finding your identity.

Jo Passed’s debut record is a strung-out, melodic tonic for those pushing through the fear of missing out, or indeed, being past Their Prime. You can purchase your copy here.

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Kate Crudgington