LISTEN: Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power – ‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’

Matisse said that creativity creates courage. True. Arguably, to create art, one needs to be courageous. As a woman, in the midst of a movement that has been decades if not hundreds of years coming, you have to be courageous. As a woman creating art inspired and as a result of the trauma put upon us as having to be women, you have to be courageous.

Amanda Palmer ticks all of those boxes: a woman, an artist, and courageous.

This week, she released a song inspired by the #MeToo movement. It’s called ‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’ and its inception came out of a jam session between Amanda and Welsh singer-songwriter, Jasmine Power. Before that night at dinner, neither woman knew of or had met the other; to go from strangers to collaborators within hours is a rare occurrence, but a good one.

‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’ is a single story about and from a single woman with two voices and two minds. We’ve all felt that pull, now and again. Mr Weinstein may not be in all of our stories and his name might not even be uttered once in the lyrics of this track, but in ways, his foulness is.

I listened to the track over and over yesterday, and I’d put every cent I don’t have on betting I wasn’t the only one. Musically, it’s stunningly beautiful and powerful, but it’s in the lyrics that the truth comes to light. Too many women have blamed themselves for men taking advantage of them, and the shame of its occurrence never leaves.

Too many men with too much money and too much power who never give themselves a moment to think about their own actions, preying on victims who suffer in silence and think too much. It’s while writing this that it’s come out that Morgan Freeman has become another name to add to the list, and that list will continue to grow. But we must continue to listen to the women, the men, and the non-binary who have lived through it.

Since her humble, Dresden Dolls beginnings, Amanda Palmer has always kept the line between her and those who listen to her music slim. She likes to hear what people have to say and gives herself to them, and they her. This is evident reading her Patreon post about ‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’ and the comments in response to it. The stories, the truth.

100% of proceeds up of ‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’, up to 30th June, will go to the TIME’S UP legal defense fund.

Em Burfitt


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