Track Of The Day: Real Big Sky – ‘Another Day’

A fluctuating, brooding guitar tune that swells with anticipation, Gothenburg four-piece Real Big Sky have shared their latest single ‘Another Day’. Taken from the band’s self-titled debut album which is set for release this summer, the track blurs powerful riffs with distant, elusive vocals to create a powerful four and a half minutes of swirling, enigmatic sound.

Originally created as a distraction for multi-instrumentalist Sara Kleppe (You Break, You Buy, Gold Baby) during the Covid-19 lockdowns here in the UK in 2020, Real Big Sky began life as a solo project which Kleppe worked on at home in her bedroom in Hackney. Making good use of her time during an unpredictable year, Kleppe picked up her old electric guitar and began working out songs and sounds that would eventually form the eight tracks on Real Big Sky’s album. Kleppe relocated back to her native Sweden in 2021, and now Real Big Sky have now blossomed into a full band, made up of her friends and family members.

With the help of friend & long-term collaborator Luca Romano – who also played drums and was on recording, mixing and production duties for the record – Real Big Sky’s sound is now fully fleshed and ready to be released into the world. The band’s previous singles ‘Long Lost’ and ‘Jess‘ were perfect introductions to their heavy, introspective noise, and their latest single ‘Another Day’ continues to flow in this vein.

“I wanted to experiment with introducing new elements to a song as it went along, but still try to keep it as coherent as possible,” explains Kleppe about the process of writing ‘Another Day’. “Changing dynamics throughout a song is something I try to give a lot of attention to, as well as trying to break free from the standard song structure.”

Listen to ‘Another Day’ below.


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Photo Credit: Johanna Kleppe

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: ARXX – ‘Couldn’t Help Myself’

Following acclaim from the likes of Diva Magazine, John Kennedy, BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq for previous singles such as ‘Deep’ and ‘Not Alone But Not With You’, Brighton’s ARXX have cemented themselves as firm favourites with the release of their brand new single.

A swirling slice of honey-sweet pop, ‘Couldn’t Help Myself’ is a positive reflection on the freedom that can come from a break-up. Complete with the fizzing energy and empowering, gritty drive that we’ve come to know and love from the duo, a colossal anthemic musicality builds alongside the sassy allure of Hanni’s vocals, oozing a danceable, joyous vivacity as colourfully catchy hooks flow.

An immaculately produced pure pop banger, ‘Couldn’t Help Myself’ once again showcases ARXX as a band consistently honing and developing their sound to create the freshest, most addictive of tunes. Impossible to pigeonhole into one genre, ARXX continue to impress us with everything they do and remain one of the most exciting bands I’ve ever come across.

Of the track, Hanni explains:

‘Couldn’t help Myself’ is a brutally candid reflection of a relationship gone wrong.  The exclamation of  “It’s not me, it’s you” epitomises the joyful fuck you spirit of the song.  This song is for; those times when break ups are a good thing,  forgiving yourself and getting rid of toxic relationships and for unashamedly just having fun.”

‘Couldn’t Help Myself’ is co-produced by Black Honey’s Chris Ostler and Tommy Taylor, with mastering from Katie Tavini. ARXX are releasing this single through Share It Music, raising money for Gendered Intelligence.

We can’t wait to catch this new single live when ARXX headline our night at Shacklewell Arms on 22nd July, alongside Lusa Morena and an incredibly exciting (currently secret) main support! Tickets here.

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Photo Credit: Rosie Powell

Track Of The Day: Ruby Gill – ‘Public Panic Attacks’

If ever a song spoke directly to me, then it is ‘Public Panic Attacks’ – the resonant new single from Ruby Gill, a South African born, Melbourne-based musician and writer (and bird-watcher!). Its matter-of-fact and humorous lyricism follows a string of acclaimed releases since 2018, including the emotive folk-strewn splendour of ‘Your Mum’ and ‘you should do this for a living’.

The song starts off softly with delicate picked guitar as Ruby sings “Give me a second to breathe… heave my heavy heart….”, before leading us into the oncoming panic attack in a parking lot. The music speeds up with beautifully strummed dream-pop hooks, and a gently tapping rhythm as she tries to work out the cause – “is it the party or is it love…?” – as the backing vocals echo, creating a spellbinding atmosphere and build-up of tension throughout.

The bridge has the poignant lyric “am I scared of coming home, or is it the fear of being alone?”, before the gorgeous guitar solo glides seamlessly towards the abrupt conclusion “It has to..Stop!”

Certain to invoke rousing sing-a-longs, this anxiety anthem is as charismatic and infectious as they come. We all exhale with Ruby as the track draws to a close, transporting us to a happier place. Panic attacks have never felt so good.

Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Al Parkinson

Track Of The Day: Cheerbleederz – ‘Nail Biters’

With their new track ‘Nail Biters‘, London trio Cheerbleederz have released an anxiety anthem that perfectly captures what it’s like having an internal monologue hell bent on torturing you.

The song feels simply constructed. It’s got a steady rhythm, lively guitar and backing vocals that weave around each other beneath the lead lines. Its complexity creeps in as the track goes on until it echoes the anxiety at its core; whilst the vocals begin softly, the lyrics describe anxiety that persistently nags at you and – while it lingers in the back of your mind as you go about your day – it never goes away. While the lead vocal puts the general pressure into words, the backing vocals reflect the teasing voices behind the scenes that induce the undue stress.

As anxiety finally takes over, the song ramps up into a panic. The lyrics stay the same, but everything gets louder, with the lead vocals becoming sharper and more emotive – you can feel the distress as it all finally becomes overwhelming. The repeated line “no worries if not” as the energy builds really captures the way anxiety makes you feel. It’s desperate to not take up space, not to burden anyone, not to cause any unnecessary problems. It’s insistent that there are no worries when the song as a whole is, in fact, about all-consuming worry.

‘Nail Biters’ encapsulates what anxiety feels like, in a fun way – a way that makes you feel seen. It’s reassuring to know that there are other people out there who overthink, and a gift to know that some of them are so talented that they can boil the awful experience down into a two-and-a-half minute indie-pop banger.

Cheerbleederz are set to release their upcoming debut album, even in jest, this summer via Alcopop! Records.

Kirstie Summers
@Actually Kurt

Photo Credit: Rich Mandell