Track Of The Day: Murman – ‘Falling Down’

Since forming back in 2018 via a Gumtree Ad, London-Brighton band Murman are now a refined four piece who’ve shared stages with the likes of Lucia and the Best Boys and Porridge Radio at esteemed venues such as The Scala and Camden Assembly. Now, following the success of recent singles ‘Baptism’ and ‘Achilles’, they have shared an infectious new offering.

Propelled by swirling, scuzzy hooks and an anthemic, emotion-filled drive, ‘Falling Down‘ oozes a gritty energy in the vein of rock greats such as Bruce Springsteen and The Killers, with an added unique colourful pizazz and impassioned swooning vocals. If you’re in need of an instantly catchy, joyously jangly slice of Americana-tinged garage-rock, then look no further… ‘Falling Down’ offers a perfectly danceable antidote to all of life’s worries. Of the track, the band explain:

“It’s one of those songs that just sticks with you and you keep hearing in your head. We feel incredibly privileged to have collaborated with extraordinarily talented people like Josh Hayward (The Horrors) who worked with us in the studio, Garmo Mandica who mixed and produced the song, and Swedish vocalist Wiktoria who is featured on backing vocals on the track... I’m a big fan of BlondieI remember hearing ‘Dreaming’ for the first time and it was like a kick to the gut. I wanted ‘Falling Down’ to have that same impact.”

Watch the new video for ‘Falling Down’ now:

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Venus Grrrls – ‘Violet State Of Mind’

Having received acclaim from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders for their 2021 EP Potions, Leeds rockers Venus Grrrls have now blasted into our ears with the perfect “hot-girl-summer anthem”.

Coming in at just 2.20 minutes long, ‘Violet State Of Mind‘ is an explosive track that deserves full head-banging energy from start to finish. Opening with a fuzzy bassline and thick distorted guitars, Venus Grrrls blend ’90s riot grrrl energy with ’80s synths creating a colossal wall of sound. It’s no surprise they are inspired by bands like L7, Veruca Salt and Bikini Kill.

The formidable vocals sit clean and crisp against the gritty, raw musicality and are really the centre-piece of the track. Lead singer GK’s vocals are seriously impressive; the climactic power note at 1 minute 36 totally blew me away.

The chorus is catchy and the group vocals offer a sense of fun and unity. With lyrics like “our egos are losing, the bar is closing”, it seems that Venus Grrrls aren’t trying to be profound – it’s simply a song about the chase and playing hard to get on a night out. And, as the band explain: “we want this song to be on your get ready playlists and allow you to reach into those inner deities that we know you are.”

‘Violet State Of Mind’ keeps us captivated with moments of quiet between the loud, and the chaotic feedback-swamped guitar panning left to right in the outro was a nice touch for the song’s climax.

You can check out Venus Grrrls this weekend at Truck Festival or on 28th July if you are at Kendal Calling. Otherwise, keep an eye out for gigs from this dynamic and energetic 5-piece!

Ella Patenall

Photo Credit: Tash Koziarska

Track Of The Day: Well Yeah – ‘Ritmo’

As a fan of instrumental act Los Bitchos, I was excited to discover Well Yeah – a band led by their former guitarist Carolina Faruolo. Describing their latest release ‘Ritmo’ as “Manchester meets Latin America”, I was intrigued. It’s their second single since their debut ‘Hello’, a track combining atmospheric guitar lines and a classic latin pop rhythm. 

‘Ritmo’ starts with a lush synth pad and Santana-style guitar lead, making the Latin American feel immediately obvious. Flowing with a lounge-inspired, chilled out energy, it provides the perfect accompaniment for the the unusually warm English weather we’re having right now. 

As the opening two minutes introduce you to the track’s swirling refrain, it soon builds as Well Yeah cleverly and subtly give us a change in tempo and energy, bringing the song fully to life in a burst of vibrant musicality. The bass steps up to a funkier and more energetic groove, the drums intensify and a rich Hammond organ enters, creating a funk-fuelled retro vibe reminiscent of ’90s rave culture and ’60s psychedelia. 

The song continues at this pace before a moment of quiet where just the bass plays, before hitting us with an colourful climax of synth horns, funky bass and latin rhythms all fused together with polished production. The animated drive of the track brings to mind a fun-filled amalgamation of Primal Scream’s ‘Loaded’, The Happy Mondays, and Peruvian Cumbia band Los Detellos.

Ultimately, instrumental music needs to work harder to keep people engaged, and Well Yeah are certainly a band who can pull it off. If you like this track, give their B-side ‘Magic’ a listen too and cross your fingers to for some gigs in the near future!   

Ritmo‘ is out now via Strong Island Recordings and was recorded live in Well Yeah’s own studio in Brunswick Mill, Manchester.

Ella Patenall

Track Of The Day: Electric Pets – ‘That Way’

‘That Way’, the second single from Electric Pets’ debut EP is a bold, empowering battle-cry for anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t fit in. Opening with the raw power of Emma Buckley’s unwavering vocal, the lyrics defiantly tell us who Buckley is and dismiss what others tell her she should be.   

But the song’s intimate, confessional tone soon steps up, buoyed by scuzzy, swaggering guitars, to become a proper garage-infused rock ‘n’ roll banger. Buckley sings: “Maybe I should bite my tongue and try to play the game?” But we know she won’t. This is a front-person – and a band – that doesn’t play by the rules. Of the track, Buckley explains:

“You could say ‘That Way’ is my autobiographical ‘f**k you’ to the music industry. I spent so long being too much of something to someone and not enough of the same thing for someone else. I needed to remind myself who I was.” 

And it really is the perfect redemption song. With its sassy, grown-up pop polish and uncompromising lyrics, ‘That Way’ is a great introduction to a band that are brave and completely badass. More please!

Vic Conway

‘That Way’ is taken from Electric Pets’ Rhinoceros EP, which is out soon on Reckless Yes records.